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Start 2017 The Right Way!

Our 14 Day Cleanse is a fantastic way to start the New Year. Get healthy, be inspired as we are all in it together. Starts 23rd Jan 2017!

Experience Increased energy, restorative sleep, weight loss, improved skin, clearer thinking reduced stress and much more…

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We ran our first 14 day cleanse September 2016, here’s what they had to say…

Gaenor Meakes feeling happy.

I am very glad I am doing this in a group, I know I would have cheated a little if I could! Reading everyone’s journey is really inspiring & positive. Day 5 and I am feeling a lot better. A healthy gut really does affect mood,


I have spent all week battling my coffee/tea addiction and feeling so tired and at times flat. I told myself if i don’t feel any better by Saturday I was going to fold.

The good news is that i feel amazing today! I am so glad I have persevered and i have even lost some weight for the first time in a long time. I will definitely keep going now 


Ella Twite 
Feeling really good and positive…. I am pretty proud of myself for the last two weeks… and so have already planned this week with a few meals for next week already in the making…. I want to keep up the cleanse for another two weeks and then hopefully be off my sugar addiction even more…. 
I found this cleanse challenging but achievable…. the food has been amazing, the flavours are awesome…. I found the cleanse group great for motivation and it was good to know I wasn’t the only one feeling flat one day, craving stuff the next…

Loved the interaction with the 180 crew… my sleep is better, my insides feel lighter and functioning better, my vege and fish intake is up and I love it…. basically I am happy and feel great to have pushed through the first two weeks and am looking forward to my next two… thanks for all the support along the way 


I have more energy than ever before but my biggest plus is that I can get out of bed without being so stiff & sore especially in my lower back,