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180 Nutrition Ambassadors

With a name like 180 Nutrition we would struggle to feel like a complete company without the representation of exceptional ambassadors. Our team below are experts in their industries…

180 nutrition ambassador chad mackayChad Mackay

Australian CrossFit Champion  180 nutrition ambassadors instagram180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“As an athlete my performance is so important. I love knowing that I can fuel my body with quality ingredients and superfoods to assist my daily training and recovery. 180 Nutrition is staple part of my daily nutrition plan”.


180 nutrition ambassador angeline nortonAngeline Norton

Founder, Foodie Fitness Girl  180 nutrition ambassadors instagram180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“Caring about my health and wellness is such a huge part of life and when I came across 180 I knew these guys were on the same page. They are so passionate about helping and educating others to lead a healthier life and their products are a true reflection of this. I absolutely love my 180 coconut pancakes and so does my little boy Harvey. I love that it doesn’t contain any nasties!”

180 nutrition ambassador ruth horrell andersonRuth Anderson Horrell

New Zealand CrossFit Champion  180 nutrition ambassadors instagram180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“I love the way 180 makes my body feel, its the only protein supplement I’ve ever found that has had such a positive effect on my digestive health”.



180 nutrition ambassador barry conradBarry Conrad

Singer/Songwriter, Actor & Model  180 nutrition ambassadors instagram180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“What I love most about 180 Nutrition is knowing that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I always have an easy, tasty and reliable way of fueling up.  Physically, I really feel the best I ever have, and 180 no doubt plays a part in that.”


180 nutrition ambassador barry conradTania Flack

Naturopath, Sydney  180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“In a market flooded with protein powders and supplements that are filled with artificial flavourings and chemicals it is great to find a product that I can recommend to my patients that is based on quality natural ingredients and manufactured to the highest standards.”


180 nutrition ambassador rebecca creedyRebecca Creedy

Professional Ironwoman  180 nutrition ambassadors instagram180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“Since taking 180 Nutrition’s Superfood, I have found it helps stabilise my blood sugar levels which has been an ongoing battle for me through my career. It has all the fat, protein and carbs my body needs with out the burden of unwanted chemicals or preservatives. 180 supercharges my body to help me get the most out of every session, naturally.”

180 nutrition ambassador lynda griparicLynda Griparic

Naturopath & Nutritionist  180 nutrition ambassadors facebook180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“My mission in this life time is to help as many people as possible improve sluggish bowels, constipation and overall poor gut health. A huge problem in our society. 180 Nutrition’s natural range of superfoods, fibre and protein blends play a big role in supporting this vision and are a staple in my diet and that of my patients.”

180 nutrition ambassador tracey stewartTracey Stewart

New Zealand CrossFit Athlete  180 nutrition ambassadors instagram180 nutrition ambassadors facebook

“Being a conscious consumer of what I use to fuel my body I chose to use products that help me recover in time to back up session day in day out. 180 Superfood compliments my nutritional needs perfectly. Full of real superfoods you can see and all NZ grass fed WPI whey protein isolate, 180 superfood is more than just another protein powder.”