What Makes 180 Natural Protein Superfood Different?

The Faces Behind 180

We’re passionate about what we do and are a friendly bunch too. Our aim is to genuinely make a difference in an industry laidened with health misconceptions from companies that are all hype and no value.

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    Guy Lawrence – Director

    Guy likes to think of himself as a bit of a resource where health and nutrition is concerned. He has a long career as a health and fitness coach and is also partial to a bit of public speaking (some say he loves the sound of his own voice). He can talk the talk about TRX, CrossFit and will happily engage in a conversation about food, just don’t broach the subject of sugar!

    If you have any questions drop us a line here. Or if you are in Sydney pop into the University of Technology Fitness Centre (located here) and ask for Guy.

    • Stuart Cooke

      Stuart Cooke – Director

      As the unofficial better half of 180 Stuart comes from a design based background and spends the bulk of his week behind an iMac. Outside of the studio Stuart likes to use his legs, and if he isn’t cycling or training with Guy he’ll be found in his Orca wetsuit a kilometer or two off the coast of Coogee Beach. Jokes aside, the pair are constantly evolving 180 Nutrition in the hope of improving the overall health and wellbeing of their customers.

    What Makes 180 Different?

    180 is a unique natural protein superfood, much more than a protein powder.

    It has natural ingredients that have been carefully selected in consultation with leading Naturopaths, Nutritionists and International Health and Fitness experts. This makes 180 the most complete and pure high protein nutritional supplement on the market today.

    It was first developed out of frustration because of the lack of protein powders and food supplements available that are actually good for you. Many containing fillers, preservatives, unnatural flavourings and highly processed starches and sugars e.g., rice flour, which is used as bulking agent and maltodextrin, which is very cheap to produce and has the highest scoring of any food on the glycemic index.

    Just these things mentioned alone, can be found in many protein powders and food supplements in your local store, claiming to be a health product. But if used over time, it will do anything but aid your health.

A Protein Supplement Like No Other

natural ingredients

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

We approached five manufacturers of whey protein powder, and found only one, which is in New Zealand, that met our criteria and standards. Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

Along with fat and carbohydrates, protein is a ‘macro-nutrient’, meaning that the body needs relatively large amounts of it. But unlike fat and carbohydrates, the body does not store protein, and therefore has no reservoir to draw on when it needs a new supply. Protein helps prevent muscle tissue break down after exercise and aids growth and repair. It’s an essential ingredient, and even more so to the active person.

All natural ingredients

The carefully selected formula provides an abundance of essential minerals, nutrients and amino acids necessary to aid and retain recovery, good health and vitality. All of our seeds and nuts are finely ground at the time of production. This is an essential process that ensures our product is always fresh, and blends the essential oils and enzymes to allow your body to absorb the vital nutrients contained within the seeds or nuts, rather than have them simply pass through your body undigested.

No sugars, preservatives, fillers or thickeners

All of 180′s ingredients are totally natural, and are grown in Australia from certified producers. It contains no artificial flavours, added sugars, preservatives, pesticides or herbicides. The delicious taste comes from the formulation of it’s natural ingredients.


Not only does 180 supply your body’s needs of protein, essential minerals, nutrients and amino acids, it contains high levels of digestible fibre. Most modern diets deliver only one tenth of the dietary fibre needed on a daily basis. 180 is the highest natural form of fibre you can eat. Fibre is essential to help stabilize blood sugar levels, detoxify your system, and help combat the onset of many modern day diseases, including fatigue, bowel disorders and osteoporosis.

In a nutshell – Fibre stabilises blood sugar levels, improves your metabolism, digestive track and the role of the liver – which then regulates your metabolism, and processes nutrients better.

Weight Loss

180 natural protein supplement is an excellent meal replacement to aid those who are looking to lose body fat but retain muscle. If you want to lose body fat and sustain/improve good health, we suggest exercising 3 times a week minimum and eating 4-6 small meals a day, and 1-3 of those meals replace with a serving of 180. If you have cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch etc, or any processed carbohydrates, simply replace these with a serving of 180. You’ll be amazed at the difference in no time at all!

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