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Customer Questions

We get asked a lot of questions so we’ve added most of the common ones to our database. It’s more than likely that your question can be answered here so browse the list of common questions or enter a search below.

Health Related

Is 180 safe to take while breast feeding?

180 has only natural ingredients with no hidden surprises and is fine to consume while breastfeeding.

Will it help me build muscle?

Absolutely!! 180 is a high protein food source designed to assist muscle growth and to aid fast recovery after exercise. The protein is derived from totally natural ingredients (also packed full of micro nutrients & antioxidants) and premium grade whey protein isolate, for lean and firm muscle development. If taken on a regular basis, you will notice improved stamina and energy during training, especially resistance training. Your recovery is only as good as the food you eat.

Will it help me lose weight (body fat)?

Yes. If you want to lose body fat and sustain/improve good health, we suggest exercising a minimum of 3 times a week and eating 4-6 small meals a day, and supplement 1-3 of those meals with a serving of 180 made into a protein shake. If you have cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch etc, or any processed carbohydrate simply, replace these with the serving of 180 protein shake, giving you a high protein meal replacement. You’ll be amazed at the difference in no time at all. For more information about healthy eating download our free ebook here.

Can I use 180 when pregnant?

The answer is yes. The extra protein, essential fatty acids, fibre and minerals will be of benefit to you whilst pregnant. You should use it as an addition to your exsisting daily diet for snacks in between your meals.

I’m lactose intolerant, can I take 180?

We use whey protein isolate with no milk solids, meaning the protein is isolated from the rest of the dairy. While there are minimal traces of lactose left in the formula many people who are lactose intolerant are happily using 180.

We also offer a vegan version that is 100% free of dairy, learn more about it here.

Is 180 free of gluten?

Yes, all of our products are 100% free of gluten, peanuts, egg or wheat and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

I have yeast allergies, can I take 180?

We use inactive brewers yeast (not to be confused with bakers yeast) as it is specifically produced for it’s rich B vitamin complex, especially B12. This will have no effect on any yeast allergies.