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Customer Questions

We get asked a lot of questions so we’ve added most of the common ones to our database. It’s more than likely that your question can be answered here so browse the list of common questions or enter a search below.

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Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) vs Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is much cheaper to produce than Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) making it the choice for many manufacturers. This is because WPC still contains milk solids and lactose making it much higher in carbohydrates and sugar (lactose) which we feel isn’t beneficial because this effects your blood sugar and insulin levels.

We use WPI as there is very minimum lactose and carbohydrates and it’s also rich in amino acids. It’s also produced by happy grass-fed cows rather than the feedlot corn-fed option.

Our grass-fed WPI makes up about 30% of the total ingredients in our natural superfood. Combined with the rest of the ingredients, this gives you an excellent nutrient dense food source.

How many serves per bag?

There are approximately 30 serves in a 1.5kg bag and 90 in a 4.5kg bag. A serve is 50g and each bag will contain a scoop, a heaped scoop will provide a 50g serve.

What’s The best way to take 180?

Our favourite method is to make a smoothie, as it won’t dissolve like regular protein powders, due to the fact it’s real raw protein food at it’s finest. We recommend taking it with water, your choice of milk, natural yoghurt etc, or simply shake/stir or drink! Or you can sprinkle it on salads, make muffins, as it’s a raw product it’s very diverse!

Is there a best time to take it?

We recommend taking it any time daily by replacing a less nutritional meal or snack, especially flour or sugar based foods, giving you a high protein meal replacement. Over time you’ll feel a substantial difference by doing this.

How long does 180 natural protein supplement last?

Our 180 protein supplement is an exceptionally popular product, which means it has a high turnover, so our stock is never usually more than 1 week old from when it is crushed and produced. It is our up most priority that our product is freshly delivered. 180 has a shelf life of 9 months. To sustain the 9 months once opened, we recommend keeping it cool and out of direct sunlight.

Where is the nutritional information?

All of the nutritional information for the 180 product range can be found on each product page. The nutritional tables are shown after the full ingredients list like the example here.

Do you offer any other flavours?

180 Natural Protein Superfoods is offered in two flavours, both chocolate and coconut. These ingredients are derived from raw natural sources. Other flavours like strawberry, vanilla, banana or cookies and cream have to sweetened and preserved (which is usually a chemical process).

Can I get a free sample to try before I buy?

As 180 is a natural product it isn’t cheap to produce which is why we have offered our starter packs. These packs allow you to sample our product without committing to the full size first.

Is 180 free of gluten?

Yes, all of our products are 100% free of gluten, peanuts, egg or wheat and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

How much protein is in each serve?

All of the nutritional information can be found on our product pages with the nutritional information table displayed after the full list of ingredients.

Can I mix the flavours in the bars?

Unfortunately we are unable to mix the flavours in the boxes of bars as the boxes come pre-packed and sealed directly from the factory.

What is the amino acid breakdown of 180 Nutrition products?

All of the information regarding amino acids and BCCA’s for 180 Nutrition can be found on our profile sheet:

Download our amino acid pdf sheet: 180 NUTRITION – Amino Acid info


What is the protein-carb ratio of 180

A 50g serve of 180 is approximately 50% protein, 25% fat & 25% carbs. Included in this of course is the vitamins minerals and fibre. Of the 25% carbs a large percentage is non-digestible fibre, so you could say that the actual carb content (that which effects blood sugar) could be as low as 15%.

Naturally, what you blend with 180 will effect this ratio. Milk or water… Banana or avocado etc…

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