Learn the Best Way to Consume 180 Natural Protein Superfood

What’s the best way to take 180?

We recommend blending 180 Natural Protein Superfood to make a delicious smoothie for a high protein breakfast or as a meal replacement. Alternatively try mixing with natural yoghurt, sprinkle it on salads, make muffins, as it’s a raw product it’s very diverse!

Make delicious natural high protein smoothies

It’s here you can be creative and make your favourite smoothie. For instance, lets say you’re on a weight loss plan and you are eating a fairly high protein, low carbohydrate diet. You could simply add a little low GI fruit like a tablespoon of frozen berries or some strawberries, and substitute a meal with a delicious, all natural high protein smoothie.

Or if you are looking to gain lean muscle, and improve your recovery before your next workout, you could look at increasing your calorie, protein and carbohydrate intake. You could do this by adding an extra tablespoon of 180, a banana, a raw egg, or something similar along these lines, depending on personal preferences and taste, to make convenient high protein shakes. The choice is yours.

By adding 180 to your daily diet you’ll be taking steps to improve your health and well being over time, we know you’ll feel the difference.