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Introducing our New and improved formula

180 Natural Protein Superfood

At a time when our competitors are searching for new chemicals to add to their supplements, we hit the books and discovered that nature has a whole lot more to offer…

From: Guy Lawrence, founder 180 Nutrition

We are very excited to be launching the new and improved 180 Natural Protein Superfood for you. As you know, we recently changed manufacturers and decided it was the perfect time to introduce our new formula.

180 Natural Protein Superfood New FormulaOur new formula is the result of our own research combined with your feedback about what would make 180 Natural Protein Superfood even better for you.

Our new formula has:

Here’s The New Ingredients

  • Chia Seeds

    Were originally farmed by the Aztecs over 3500 years ago. They have been ‘rediscovered’ and modern medicine has acknowledged Chia seeds as an excellent source of protein that are jam-packed with amino-acids, Omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Check out the benefits of nuts and seeds here.

  • inactive brewers yeast

    Inactive Brewers Yeast

    Not to be confused with Bakers Yeast, Inactive Brewers Yeast is extremely rich in B-complex vitamins which support your body’s metabolism and energy production. The Amino Acids in inactive brewer’s yeast are essential to support the building and repair of tissues, bones, muscles and cartilage.

  • stevia


    This natural herb from South America is used as a sweetener, with the added benefit that it has zero calories, negligible effect on blood sugar and none of the nasty side effects of the artificial sweeteners used in some of the leading nutritional supplements.

That’s all the new ingredients in 180, but I also wanted to let you know there was one recommendation that we refused to go with – even though our old manufacturer told us that “everyone else in the industry is going this way.”

Here’s what we refused to change

100% Grass Fed Whey

grass fed whey protein isolateUnlike most of our competitors, we stood our ground with a very loud ‘NO’ when it was suggested that we add Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and milk powder to our product.

In keeping with our commitment to provide you with the highest quality 100% natural product we only use 100% Grass Fed Whey from happy cows that live outside, rather than feed-lot cattle that never move and are fed corn instead of grass (can’t say I’ve ever seen cows grazing in a corn-field before).

There are 3 very compelling reasons why we choose 100% grass fed whey to be used in our 180 Natural Protein Superfood – click here to read why.

We still guarantee your satisfaction

110% Money Back Guarantee180 Natural Protein Superfood is available now and still comes with our 110% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason with your purchase of 180 Natural Protein Superfood, keep the remainder of the product, contact us and we will arrange for a 110% refund. No questions, no hassles.

So place your order right now and get ready to experience what the Aztecs discovered over 3500 years ago.

Bye for now
Guy Lawrence Signature
Guy Lawrence

Ps. Please place your order right now, we expect a rush on order on the formula and have told our new manufacturer to start making more 180 Natural Protein Superfood FAST!

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