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Pete Evans Healthy Everyday – Ready Made Meals Review


Stu: Who am I to turn down the opportunity to receive a box full of Paleo friendly ready made meals in return for my opinion… yes please. The meals were designed by Chef Pete Evans (who was also a guest on our podcast) so I was expecting nothing but the best in terms of taste and quality of ingredients.

The Healthy Everyday Difference

The meals are advertised as ‘allergy-friendly and perfect for those wanting to embrace a happier and healthier lifestyle, but are struggling to find the time or energy to prepare and cook every meal themselves’. In short they tick all of the boxes with no nasty ingredients and were super-quick to prepare as I simply zapped them in the microwave for 3 minutes.

In no particular order and photographed as they came (as they never look like the pic on the packet), I give you…


Italian Meatballs

The Promise: Tender organic free-range pork & fennel meatballs slowly cooked in a classic Italian style tomato & basil sauce served with a creamy cauliflower & parsnip mash.

The Reality: Pretty good, the meatballs had good taste and texture and the cauliflower mash (which can be bland) was quite tasty thanks to the addition of parsnips. Combined with the tangy Italian sauce it was a good start to a promising week.

Overall Score: 8/10


Beef Cheeks

The Promise: Slow cooked grass-fed beef cheeks served with sweet potato mash, mushrooms, kale & a red wine jus.

The Reality: This sounded fancy and I decided to have it for breakfast instead of my regular smoothie. The beef was a little tougher than I had expected but tasty nevertheless. The mash was spot on and the sauce worked well. All-in-all pretty good considering it was on the table in 3 minutes.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


Jamaican Lamb Shank Curry

The Promise: Braised lamb shanks slowly cooked in a mild Jamaican curry sauce served with assorted vegetables.

The Reality: This was a lip-tingler and I’d pitch it as medium over mild. The meat fell off the bone and had my seal of approval considering that I’m a huge lamb shank fan. It was paired nicely with the assorted veg that had great texture (I really dislike overcooked veg).

Overall Score: 8/10


Bangers & Mash

The Promise: with Caramelised Onion & Bacon Gravy, Creamy Cauliflower & Parsnip Mash

The Reality: Everyone loves bangers and mash and I was intrigued to see how the sausages would fare in the microwave. I wasn’t disappointed with 2 nice-sized tasty sausages in a rich gravy, the only thing missing was the mushy peas (can you tell I’m English :)

Overall Score: 8/10



BBQ Pulled Pork

The Promise: Sweet, succulent & meltingly tender pulled pork slowly braised in our special barbeque sauce served with braised red cabbage, roasted apple & creamy sweet potato mash.

The Reality: I do like pulled pork in all of it’s hipster guises but I did find this a little too sweet for my liking which I’m guessing is down to the maple syrup. Outside of that the ingredients worked well together and the pickled cabbage was great.

Overall Score: 7/10


Cottage Pie

The Promise: Grass-fed beef mince cooked in a rich vegetable gravy served with sweet potato mash.

The Reality: I haven’t had a decent cottage pie in a long time as pub options are usually laden with cheap meat and all manner of unsavory ingredients. No gripes with this one as it lived up to the description. Tasty, tangy sauce, firm pieces of veg and everyone’s favourite, sweet potato mash.

Overall Score: 8/10


Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

The Promise: Grass-fed lamb shoulder marinated with aromatic spices & slowly cooked for 12 hours in a rich tomato & onion sauce. Served with a creamy cauliflower & parsnip mash.

The Reality: I really enjoyed this one with a nice sized piece of tasty lamb that offered good texture. The veg was firm, the sauce tasty and the mash was a step up from the usual cauliflower offering which I often find a bit bland.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

180_Nutrition_Healthy_Everyday_steamed hoki

Steamed Hoki Fillet

The Promise: New Zealand Hoki served with a delicious aromatic Thai inspired coconut & lime sauce & a creamy sweet potato mash infused with a hint of ginger.

The Reality: A tasty dish with a just the right firmness of the fish fillet. I enjoyed the Asian greens and the crunch they offered complimented the softness of the other ingredients. The sauce was rich (a little sweet) but overall a nice dish.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


The magic formula for ready made meals is pretty simple, they need to be:

  1. Nutritious
  2. Fast
  3. Affordable

These guys have ticked all 3 and offer a really nice selection (I reviewed 8 out the 18 meals offered). I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing fresh food and would absolutely consider a small stockpile of these in the fridge for those busy times.

Find out more about the entire range of meals here.


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