Nutritional Information for 180 Natural Protein Superfood

Nutritional information

Servings per 1.5kg tub: 30
Serving Size: 50gm
Average qty per serve Average qty per 100gm
Energy kj 873 1745
Dietary Fibre gm 6 12
Protein gm 22 44
Cholesterol gm 0 0
Fat, Total gm 11 22
Saturated gm 2 4
Carbohydrate gm 11 21
Sugars gm 1 3
B Vitamins mg 10 21
Folate (B9) ug 23 47
Calcium mg 122 245
Magnesium mg 71 143
Potassium mg 205 411
Iron mg 2 5
Zinc mg 2 3
Sodium mg 35 70

To view the nutritional panel of our grass fed whey protein isolate (WPI), Click Here.

10 Reasons why you’ll love 180 Natural Protein Superfood

We’ve outlined our top ten reasons below of why we think you’ll love this product. If you are serious about improving your health through your diet then read on.

1) At last, a protein powder that is actually good for you

180 Natural Protein Superfood has no added sugars, fillers, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Most protein powders have all of these ingredients. The sugar usually being maltodextrin or dextrose, which is extremely cheap to produce, and is used as the carbohydrate content and to greatly sweeten the taste. We say keep it natural, and when extra carbohydrates are needed, use berries or a banana. Our great tasting flavours come from the raw natural ingredients only. Most ‘health’ products and protein powders use cheap artificial flavourings but our health and quality comes first, not how cheap we can produce the product.

2) It is exceptionally cost effective

Not only did we want to provide a product of great benefits, we wanted it to be of great value too. If you were to order online, including postage, it works out to be just under $2.30 a serve. You can’t by a regular coffee for that!

3) We have a 110% money back guarantee, so no risk to you

We’re so confident you’ll love our product, if you don’t, we’ll give you a refund. With nothing to lose, we know you’ll feel the difference.

4) We’re all product and not hype

The next time you look at a health product, ask yourself this? Where does the product end and the hype begin? There are no quick fixes or magic pills to good health. Just good lifestyle habits including sound nutritional choices.

5) The quality of our home grown ingredients is second to none

All the seeds, grains and nuts of 180 are totally natural, and are grown in Australia from certified producers. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavours, pesticides or herbicides. The seeds and grains are cracked and ground at time of production. This ensures our product is always fresh, unadulterated, and the vital nutrients are easily absorbed, rather than have them simply simply pass through the body undigested.

6) It is exceptionally high in fibre – one of the most underestimated ingredients in your daily diet

Due to the high processing of grains, breakfast cereals and breads etc, most people don’t have enough fibre in their daily diet. Not only does fibre help prevent most modern day diseases related to the gut and intestinal tract, it keeps your digestive system working at optimum levels and improves metabolic performance. 180 natural protein supplement provides 35% RDI of fibre per serve, unlike many protein powders.

7) Your recovery from exercise is only as good as the food you eat

Not only is 180 Natural Protein Superfood high in protein, it’s jam packed with vitamins, minerals and omega’s making it ideal to aid recovery. Vitamins and minerals included are : Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Selenium, ZInc and B vitamins Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Cyanocobalamin (B12) Choline, Biotin and Folic acid. As well as Vitamins A, D, E, F and high levels of anti-oxidant phytocemicals.

8) 180 includes flax seeds, the importance of these nutrients to body building is paramount

For every 100 grams of flax seeds, you get about 25-30 grams of protein, which is great considering the other nutrients you get along with this. Flax seeds are one of the best sources for the essential fatty acid alpha linolenic acid, which is vital for building lean muscle mass and can not be manufactured within the body.

9) 180 Natural Protein Superfood is a nutritional resource for anyone who is suffering from a chronic disease

For example: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, obesity, and hypertension. Overwhelming evidence from a variety of sources, links most chronic diseases seen in the world today to physical inactivity and inappropriate diet consumption. 180 natural protein supplement is low GI, and due to it’s nutritional content, is often recommended to help resolve a variety of health issues.

10) 180 Natural Protein Superfood is perfect for trimming up on body fat

180 natural protein supplemnt is low GI and very high in nutrients, meaning it can be used as a very quick and convenient high protein meal replacement to help aid fat loss. Especially when you’re caught out in those awkward moments and there’s only take-out food around (check out our faq’s page here).

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