Macadamia chicken meat balls


A Savory Paleo Snack: Macadamia Chicken Meat Balls

By 180 Nutrition

These are a fantastic and┬átasty paleo friendly recipe from Caroline┬áthat’s high in protein and good fats. Great to snack on through the day, have with your favourite veg or keep in the freezer and pull them out when needed.

They taste amazing and are very simple to prepare. I have mine with tahini and lemon sauce. Enjoy…



On a chopping board finely chop together the chicken, rosemary, macadamia nuts and the garlic. Pop the chopped ingredients into a bowl.

Add one egg and the 1/2 cup or so of the 180 Natural Protein Superfood.

Mix this all together by hand to make a sticky ‘mince like’ paste.

Heat up a frying pan with the oil.

Form the mixture into balls and fry up. Because the chicken is already cooked you really are only heating the mixture through and making sure the egg of cooked. They take about 12 min or so minutes to heat through.

Then serve with a delicious salad or snack on throughout the day! Makes about 10 meat balls.

Recipe by Caroline Howe.

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