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Tell us what you thinkLet us know about your experiences with 180 Natural Protein Superfood and our service. Your feedback is priceless, and we really appreciate it – Guy & Stu.

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Fantastic interview guests...and the hits just keep on coming!

Sep 14, 2016 by Alex Robinson

HI Guys

I have been a fan for a while now and always find your line up of guests so fascinating and interesting. I am constantly referring to your website and podcasts for both personal health and assisting me with my studies in Nutritional Medicine.

My kids are now so familiar with your voices that they roll their eyes when they hear the podcast because they know there's no chance of music while I'm glued to your show!

I've just listened to your interview with Dr Mario Martinez and I have to say I think it's some of the most exciting news I've ever heard. Dr Martinez' work along with that of the incredible Dr Joe Dispenza, have hit a chord in isolating what I think has been missing in the conventional path of medicine in regard to directing positive health...that being the power to manifest the outcome of our health through our thoughts, beliefs and actions. I was rivetted listening and I'm trying to find time to read more of their work...I want to work for these guys!

So I was hoping that maybe you might consider asking another incredible person on your podcast that I admire and respect - Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace. I use the app as often as possible as I'm sure many thousands do around the world. His work has brought peace, mindfulness and awareness to my life that I don't think I would have achieved otherwise and I would love to hear what he has to say. Just a thought to add to your suggestion box.

Thanks again for the dynamic mix of interactive resources on your site that give people access to unique information and ideas. You successfully provide motivation, encouragement and humour which is emanated through your website and I love it.

Your dedicated follower in health and happiness

OH MY GLOB, I FEEL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 27, 2016 by Kal

Guy and Stu, you have changed my life! One day I was confined to cereals (Wheat Biscuits, Corn Flakes), toast, etc, the next, I FELT LIKE ONE OF YOU GUYS!!!! I believe that your smoothies and other healthy meals/snacks must be consumed by every Aussie and Kiwi out there, somewhere (especially the ones who always consume highly unnecessary industry recommended brands/"health foods". (These include Froot Loops, Coco Pops, Kellogg's Frosties, Lite n' Easy, Weight Watchers, etc.)). In short, it really is a shockwave of pure energy! Now I drink your smoothies for breakfast every day and removing the sugars, sodium, artificial ingredients, preservatives and both coulourings 102 and 143 (that is yellow and red for non-chemists) out of my life. I do have one complaint though, and that's the pricing of your products. Maybe you could take 75% off the current prices so everyone in the country and worldwide can enjoy it more? But overall, this is an amazing company that everyone in Oceania must know and love. Also, spreading the word really helps! Besides, I'm 12 years old now and have been drinking your smoothies for about one year. Keep up the excellent work! Cheers, Kal.


Dec 26, 2015 by Sharon Ryder

I LOVE your podcasts!!! Thank you so much for making my weekly drives from the Gold Coast to Brisbane return on the crazy M1 enjoyable! I've listened to so many fantastic interviews and hope there'll be many more to come. Thanks guys!!

Love your work Gents!

Jul 09, 2015 by Penny Benjamin

Hey Guy and Stu!

I've been on the 180 band wagon for a while now and absolutely love the work you guys do helping people around the world to lead healthy, balanced lives at peak health!

I love your 180 Superfood Blend (Vegan Coconut is my go-to as I find it the most versatile across different recipes) and your many ideas on how to use it everyday.

I've also recently started listening to the Pod Casts which are such a gift while I'm Working or Working-out! Between your podcasts and some Personal Development Podcasts I've also been listening to, I really feel like my workouts add so much more to my day now rather than just exercise!

Keep up the Great work! :D

Superfood bar

Jun 25, 2015 by Emily

That sums up the chocolate one. Can't wait to try the coconut one. I am a recent convert to 180 and really enjoying the coconut protein so was stoked to get my trial bars in post today. Will be ordering more!!


Jun 24, 2015 by George Best

Really happy with your products, I have even picked up some of the monkey bites and given them to the kids at our Martial Arts academy http://wingchununiverse.com.au and they loved them.


POD Casts and Protien

Mar 29, 2015 by William Fitzpatrick

Hi guys our meal replacement are fantastic so glad i found them with my on the go lifestyle the are helping me feel less bloated and give me more energy. Also the pod casts are fantastic. our chat with pete evens was amazing and a real eye opener. Keep up the good work.


Best Protein out there!

Feb 17, 2015 by Jessica

I have used 180 protein for one year. It is the best protein i have ever tried. I have tried a few other powders while I was overseas and they just did not agree with me. I felt terrible whilst I was on them, and they just tasted so artificial. 180 gives me lots of energy which i require throughout my busy days weightlifting and also my job in the fitness industry. There is no other product out there as good as 180 nutrition.

Excellent taste

Jan 12, 2015 by Craig Murphy

Received my first order today. Whey protein 180 Superfood tastes awesome. Better than I expected to be honest, especially without the usual commercial ingredient fillers. Thanks for providing me a natural alternative with a great taste. And the price for the 4.5kg bag is very competitive with the highly advertised brands.
Thank you.

It's just awesome

Dec 25, 2014 by Teresa

I love it. I'm so thrilled I stumbled upon 180 nutrition powder. I'm intolerant to artificial sweeteners that other products use (along with the other raft of chemicals they use), it causes migraines for me. I thought it's 2014 surely there must be something out there that's naturally sweetened. So I went looking.... I also find it hard to sit down to breakfast, I now look forward to breakfast of a morning. It keeps me full for hours. It tastes great. It's ALL natural (which I'm so impressed with). Perfect in summer, a couple of handfuls of frozen fruit some coconut water with the vegan coconut formula blitzed and it makes the best protein slushie ever! My favourite is pineapple and mango.

Protein Supplements – Protein Superfood – 180 Nutrition PO Box 1048 Randwick Sydney NSW, 2031 Australia 4.9 5.0 64 64 HI GuysI have been a fan for a while now and always find your line up of guests so fascinating and interesting. I am constantly referring to your website and podcasts for both