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It's just awesome

Dec 25, 2014 by Teresa

I love it. I'm so thrilled I stumbled upon 180 nutrition powder. I'm intolerant to artificial sweeteners that other products use (along with the other raft of chemicals they use), it causes migraines for me. I thought it's 2014 surely there must be something out there that's naturally sweetened. So I went looking.... I also find it hard to sit down to breakfast, I now look forward to breakfast of a morning. It keeps me full for hours. It tastes great. It's ALL natural (which I'm so impressed with). Perfect in summer, a couple of handfuls of frozen fruit some coconut water with the vegan coconut formula blitzed and it makes the best protein slushie ever! My favourite is pineapple and mango.

Excellent healthy protein source

Nov 07, 2014 by john

Been eating paleo for a while now. Getting my bodyfat % down and wanted another good clean source of easy healthy protein. Tried lots of proteins powders over the years and some were OK tasting but I just wasn't happy about the ingredients. When I first read about 180 I thought alright, good natural ingredients but it's probably gunna taste so bad. I took the plunge and bought the starter pack. Well here's what I found... I absolutely loved the taste of the chocolate WPI. Bought the 1.5 kg next. Now, unfortunately for me, my sons love it also and I need the 4.5 Kg bag. The product ticks all the right boxes for me..great taste,easy to make and full of natural healthy nutrition

I feel amazing

Oct 31, 2014 by Brooke

I bought a sample pack and I was skeptical I must admit. However the taste is amazing! It's not overly sweet and doesn't have the over processed flavour many protein powders do. I also find that I don't need to even add much to my smoothies as I once used to in order to mask their harsh flavourings. This product is delicious just on it's own! And really satisfying. And you know what, even after going though the sample packs I ordered, I actually feel amazing! I'm getting less headaches, I have loads more energy and issues with my digestion have really died down. I've just ordered a larger bag of chocolate and the coconut because I couldn't decide which I liked better! I terrific product! I couldn't recommend higher! Love love love it!!

Great for IBS sufferer

Oct 06, 2014 by Ashleigh

I am following a low FODMAP diet due to IBS & food intolerances, and your protein was recommended by a fellow online sufferer. I have to say after trying your chocolate protein for the first time - WOW! It's so delicious; doesn't have a crappy after taste like other proteins I've had, and I'm not suffering from any bloating afterwards like usual. Looking forward to using your product for a long time yet. Will recommend to others. Thank you!


Oct 01, 2014 by Nicola

I bought the chocolate protein powder on the weekend from the paleo cafe at bulimba and am in love!! My fave combo so far is protein powder with coconut water, ice and coconut yoghurt in the blender - I know how hard it is for people with difficult tummies to find products that work - I have been on the paleo diet after having a battle with my tummy that I ended up being diagnosed with having candida in my large intestine - ever since my candida diet I went paleo and haven't looked back - this product is perfect and if I can help spread the word for people who have had the same digestive problems then I'm happy :)

Starter pack

Sep 18, 2014 by SEB

Just received the starter pack - love this product. I really like the chocolate flavour. Will definitely be ordering more. The texture is bit different, however I like it.

Perfect Smoothies

Aug 20, 2014 by Mags

Sometimes life is too busy and you just don't have time to think about what is truly good for you... This 180nutrition protein is perfect for those I don't want to think days!!! All the goodness no nasties throw it in to a blender with banana coconut water almonds and mango and presto you have breakfast on the go!! Totally enjoyed the product.

Starter Pack

Aug 15, 2014 by Zarina

Just tasted the coconut flavour this morning and was surprised at how delicious it is! I have previously tried the chocolate and really liked that too. Have tried other protein powders before and found them either too sweet and artificial tasting or just plain unappealing, but these were perfect. They'll definitely be my go-to protein source from now on.
Thanks-the starter pack is great way to try these.

Very Satisfied

Mar 19, 2014 by Fiona

We started using 180 about 1 year ago & I'm really satisfied with this product. I initially got it for my husband as he had a shake everyday & I felt uncomfortable about all the nasties in regular protein powders. It took a little while to adjust to the texture but we just couldn't get past all the high quality healthy ingredients & will never go back to other products.
I'm now in my 6 month of pregnancy and I have to say that 180 has been wonderful to have throughout my whole pregnancy..... it's been perfect for that middle of the night or early morning snack craving & also I had no issues taking this in my first trimester when many foods made me feel ill!
Nothing negative to say about this product, it's so versatile. Thanks for your dedication to health & for making this wonderful product.

Fantastic product

Mar 13, 2014 by Tracey

Thanks for a great protein supplement and bars. Have just introduced this to my clients who are really loving it. Finally they can have a good quality smoothie and also a meal replacement for when they are on the go. I love the taste of both flavours.

Protein Supplements – Protein Superfood – 180 Nutrition PO Box 1048 Randwick Sydney NSW, 2031 Australia 4.9 5.0 75 75 I just wanted to say thank you for introducing the new vegan bars!! And the choc hemp protein powder is the bomb. The best ever!