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Join Our Sales Agent Program

180 Nutrition Sales Agent Program

The 180 Nutrition Sales Agent Program offers an easy way to generate revenue from your community, customers and/or website traffic. You can promote an Australian brand that offers a range of natural superfood products that are genuinely beneficial to your health, products you can actually trust, that the whole family can enjoy.



Step 1 - We set you up as a sales agent which takes less than 5 minutes. Once complete you’ll receive your unique discount code which you can use online and you’ll also receive a large customised poster (pictured) featuring all the details.

Step 2 - Your customers can use your code when purchasing online to receive a 10% discount off their order (click ‘view cart’ to access the discount code box and enter your code). Their products will be delivered to them in the usual manner.

Step 3 - You receive a 15% commission off each and every sale that uses your code without ever having to lift a finger :)

The nuts and bolts: You’ll have the ability to log into your account at any time and see just who is using your code and how much commission you have made. We’ll pay your commission into a nominated account at the start of every month.

If you would like to register a sales agent account then simply contact us here.