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Protein Bars for Bodybuilding

Protein Bars for Bodybuilding

The fitness realm has been taking off with some of the greatest innovations of products which have greatly been proven to assist the users with enormous gains. These products range from supplements, food, drinks, equipment, and protein bars.

Protein bars provide the user with many benefits, including but not limited to: gain in strength, gain in muscle size, energy boosts, higher levels of fitness, fortified vitamins, and much more.

Taking protein bars are a great way for people to consume the amount of calories that are needed to expend energy during exercise and workout regiments, without filling up their stomachs too much. A problem that many people encounter when eating a meal before working out or exercising is that it causes them to feel sick and uneasy. It can be very difficult to perform certain types of workout routines with a stomach full of food.

However, it is necessary to eat food prior to working out in order to gain the greatest benefits of strength and muscle gains. Muscles are not enabled with the ability to grow and repair themselves if there is not an intake of some type of protein, before, and after an intense workout.

By eating a protein bar prior to, and after a good workout session, the athlete is able to fully maximize on their potential growths without having the uneasy feeling of moving on a full stomach. Protein bars are filled with the right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, and protein to ensure that the athlete is provided with all of the elements that are necessary to keep their muscles functioning in the most needed times. By choosing the 180 Nutrition protein WOD bars, users are provided with a vast plethora of incredible benefits. The athlete can benefit from its real and natural ingredients which will not only give them great amounts of boosts of energy, but also build their muscles the way they intend to without packing on fat. The athlete will be able to quickly replenish and refuel their muscles and energy levels by having a good intake of grass fed whey proteins, flaxseed, almonds, sunflower kernels, cocunut flower, real cocoa, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesam seeds, psyllium husks, and other naturally proven herbs that greatly affect one’s health levels in extremely positive ways.

Try our all natural high protein bars today with our bar sample packs.

What Our Customers Think

Our testimonials speak for themselves. These are real people with real results over a wide discipline of sports and activities. Let us know about your experiences with 180 as your feedback is priceless.

  • nicole newman

    Nicole Newman – NSW

    If I’m feeling tired after training (usually the case after a PT session!) I’ll have a big 180 smoothie with coconut water and flesh (Guy: I wrote about my late night smoothie/meal replacement here for after training) or 180 protein & natural yoghurt. Sometimes a chocolate amazeball for desert.

    I also try and have a batch of 180 broccoli and cheese muffins in the fridge for a quick meal on the go. Read Nicole’s story here.

  • Mandy Kinzett – Crossfit Wired owner

    At the beginning of this year I began following the Paleo Diet. For years prior to this I had been having a protein shake blended with some fruit & Greek yoghurt for breakfast, mostly for convenience, but it also goes down a treat in our hot Queensland summers after a workout!! I thought that I’d never be able to find a protein powder that fitted into my new healthy eating habits, but that’s when I came across 180 Nutrition. I have been so impressed with their product and the fact that it is completely natural with no preservatives, unnatural flavourings & sugars. Not only do I have 180 Nutrition for breakfast, but I also use 180 Nutrition to make Bliss Balls & protein bars!

    • Tania Flack

      Tania Flack – Naturopath, Sydney

      In a market flooded with protein powders and supplements that are filled with artificial flavourings and chemicals it is great to find a product that I can reccomend to my patients that is based on quality natural ingredients and manufactured to the highest standards. The usual Australian diet is high in refined carbohydrates which encourages an unhealthy muscle to fat ratio which ultimately contributes to many disease processes. Helping patients balance their protein to carbohydrate intake makes a big difference in their health as does the extra boost in nutrients, essentials fatty acids and natural fibre that 180 nutrition provides.

      I would recommend 180 nutrition to anyone who is interested in maintaining a balanced diet and achieving optimal health. Visit Tania’s site here.

    • UTS Fitness Centre Sydney

      University of Technology – Sydney

      180 Natural Protein Superfood has been on trial at the Sydney University – UTS Fitness centre. This has been the perfect testing ground as we wanted people who put extreme demands on their body. The UTS Fitness centre has a high amount of sport scholarships and competitive athletes, ranging from track & field, rugby, rowing etc. It also has body builders, weight lifters and people who just train to stay healthy or lose body fat.

      Our feedback has been nothing short of fantastic!!! Those who used it as prescribed, all reported improved recovery, more stamina, lean muscle, energy and strength during training. And for those carrying unwanted extra % body fat showed a reduction by 2% or greater over a month by simply replacing 2 of their 6 small meals a day with 180.

    • Dale Finlayson – CrossFit Alive owner

      It’s so good to be able to recommend a protein powder for post work out or as a meal replacement to our members/athletes. Normally we have had to make a compromise or choose the best of an ordinary to bad bunch but not with your product. As coaches Adam and I are very confident in recommending your truly all natural product which fits into a Paleo nutrition lifestyle. Love your work guys, the chocolate is like Milo (our athlete Josh says so) but better! (even mixed on water) Keep up the good work – Dale. CrossFit Alive Oxenford

    • Fitness Trainer

      Carly Halliday – Personal Trainer

      Finally a product that doesn’t scare me into thinking I will become the ‘Incredible Hulk’. I work out a lot as a Personal Trainer, group instructor and exercise lover and without 180 Natural Protein Superfood I don’t think I would make it through the week. It is the first female friendly natural protein supplement I’ve found that aids in my weight loss and maintenance, muscle recovery and increased energy levels.

      Adding 180 to my daily smoothies and other meals keeps me fuller for longer as the energy is released slower and ultimately stops me from those naughty cravings and weight gain, it’s my new best friend.

    • Chad Mackay

      Chad Mackay – CrossFit Athlete

      I try to fuel my body with only the cleanest foods. The 180 Nutrition range is my preference of supplementation and helps me fuel my body.

      Whether it be after a workout as a quick source of protein or when im running short on time and need a meal replacement, 180 is my go to product.

    • Boxer

      Joshua Clark – Boxer

      I first started boxing when I was 13 years old and have been training ever since. Over the years I have used many protein powders and supplements to help assist with my training and my overall performance. When I first heard about 180 Nutrition I must admit that I was hesitant to try it because I had never heard of it, and was skeptical, but I thought that I would give it a go anyway. To my surprise, I wasn’t as sore after I finished training nor was I as fatigued during training which allowed me to push myself at a greater intensity. I can honestly say that I think this is the best product that I have used hands down and will continue to use it and happily recommend it to anyone.

    • Touch Football

      Damee Kea – Nationals: Sydney Rebels

      As a Personal Trainer (UTS Fitness Center) and representative touch footballer, I have incorporated 180 Natural Protein Superfood into my daily diet.

      180 has really aided me in providing more energy, stamina and improvement in recovery, giving me an extra boost when needed and keeping me on top of my game.