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Protein Bars for Bodybuilding

Protein Bars for Bodybuilding

The fitness realm has been taking off with some of the greatest innovations of products which have greatly been proven to assist the users with enormous gains. These products range from supplements, food, drinks, equipment, and protein bars.

Protein bars provide the user with many benefits, including but not limited to: gain in strength, gain in muscle size, energy boosts, higher levels of fitness, fortified vitamins, and much more.

Taking protein bars are a great way for people to consume the amount of calories that are needed to expend energy during exercise and workout regiments, without filling up their stomachs too much. A problem that many people encounter when eating a meal before working out or exercising is that it causes them to feel sick and uneasy. It can be very difficult to perform certain types of workout routines with a stomach full of food.

However, it is necessary to eat food prior to working out in order to gain the greatest benefits of strength and muscle gains. Muscles are not enabled with the ability to grow and repair themselves if there is not an intake of some type of protein, before, and after an intense workout.

By eating a protein bar prior to, and after a good workout session, the athlete is able to fully maximize on their potential growths without having the uneasy feeling of moving on a full stomach. Protein bars are filled with the right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, and protein to ensure that the athlete is provided with all of the elements that are necessary to keep their muscles functioning in the most needed times. By choosing the 180 Nutrition protein WOD bars, users are provided with a vast plethora of incredible benefits. The athlete can benefit from its real and natural ingredients which will not only give them great amounts of boosts of energy, but also build their muscles the way they intend to without packing on fat. The athlete will be able to quickly replenish and refuel their muscles and energy levels by having a good intake of grass fed whey proteins, flaxseed, almonds, sunflower kernels, cocunut flower, real cocoa, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesam seeds, psyllium husks, and other naturally proven herbs that greatly affect one’s health levels in extremely positive ways.

Try our all natural high protein bars today with our bar sample packs.

help support chad & ruth at the world crossfit games

180 nutrition crossfit games cap chad

180 nutrition crossfit games cap ruth

Introducing our limited edition 180 embroidered cap featuring two signatures from 180 ambassadors Chad Mackay and Ruth Anderson Horrell.

ReebokAll profits will go to Chad and Ruth to help fund their USA trip and kick butt as they represent Australia & New Zealand! Orders for caps will close at 11pm on Sunday July 7th 2013.


1. If you have Facebook. Please tell all your friends that you are buying this cool cap by hitting the like button below & say something like “I’ve just bought this really cool cap that i’m gonna wear with pride & help Chad & Ruth at the games!”. The more people we reach, the more we help Chad & Ruth.

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2. Buy the cap. You do not need a PayPal account just because we are using a PayPal shopping cart (all major credit cards are excepted).

3. These caps are a one time only limited edition & made to order. They will be shipped after the offer closes.

4. We are shipping to Australia & New Zealand ONLY.

These quality AS Colour snapback caps are available in black only, one size fits all and are made from 80% Acrylic & 20% Wool. All prices include GST & shipping.

Australia – AU$39.95

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New Zealand – NZ$43.95

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We think 180 Nutrition ambassadors Chad Mackay & Ruth Anderson Horrell are rockstars and have done an incredible job of making it to the CrossFit World Games for the second time in the row, and we call on your support.