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Expert, public speaking & food: It’s all part of the process

By Guy Lawrence

Just the other day somebody pointed out to me that if you can stand up and talk for more than 15 minutes on any one topic, you’re an ‘expert’.

I figured anyone with a motor mouth and a bit of gusto would then fall into this category, depending on how you distinguish ‘expert’. The first image that pops in my mind is one of a tailor cut suit and immaculate¬†white teeth, enough qualifications to create a small novel along with the ability to solve a rubik’s cube in under 60 seconds… Yep, an ‘expert’.

There’s been many a time when I was convinced by the razzle dazzle, gloss and shine of something only to discover what’s underneath a little disappointing. A bit like unwrapping your main present at Christmas to unveil a rocking horse instead of that BMX bike you were hoping for. More