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Crossfit Gold Coast Proudly Presents: The Immortals CrossFit Teams Challenge

crossfit_immortals_team_challengeBy 180 Nutrition

It’s great to be able to say we are going to being a part of the Immortals CrossFit Teams Challenge on Sat Nov 12th organised by CrossFit GoldCoast.

With 270 athletes competing over 2 days and testing themselves to the extremes, this is going to be a rip roaring event! But what makes this event greatly unique, is the fact that it’s about bringing that team spirit and the CrossFit community to the outer public.

The CrossFit community are not only athletes but are compassionate people that help support others. All funds raised for this event will go to Legacy to help support the families of past fallen soldiers. 180 Nutrition has donated our SuperFood to the games, so keep an eye out! More