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CrossFit Journey Part III: Paleo? A typical daily diet from some of the best

By Guy Lawrence

If you were looking to improve your finances, would you rather take advise from Richard Branson or a financial advisor who is struggling to pay off his credit card and mortgage (not that they are all like this, but you get the gist), who would you prefer?

When it comes to health and weight loss, I hear a lot of opinions along the lines of ‘I eat a healthy diet but I just can’t seem to shift this flab’. If you want real results it would make sense to learn from people who are living and breathing examples of where you would like to be, then simply copy them. Many people talk it, but the best advise comes from people who walk it.

My fellow CrossFit Bare comrades Josh and Stacey are fine examples of health and athleticism. Stacey also happens to be a CrossFit HQ coach and  has her own nutritional business – Paleo Star – She’s also a qualified dietitian. Even if your not much of a CrossFit or exercise enthusiast, there’s a lot to be learned by simply looking at their typical daily eating habits listed below.

In Josh’s own words

My general eating philosophy is that I eat from natural & unprocessed sources. Grass-fed red meat, hormone free chicken and eggs, and the most notable change in the past 6 months is the elimination of processed sugar. A lot of fresh veggies and dark leafy salads. Fresh (cold pressed) juice every morning and fibrous pulp saved for 180 Nutrition carrot slices (no plug intended). More