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Protein Bars: A Simple Way to Change Your Life

protein bars

All of us say we want to look better and feel better but are we willing to make the changes that will count? Believe it or not, all it takes are baby steps.

Everybody can find some simple, small change in our daily habits that can really change our lives for the better. One great way to get started is with protein bars that are made the right way.

Many of us make poor choices in the way that we eat. We’re on the go, our lives are busy, and fast, pre-prepared foods are on the market. We grab something quick at a fast food place, we pop something in the microwave, stick something in the oven that has been frozen in a box, or heat up something else out of a can. These fast and easy foods are generally loaded with everything that is bad for us. Chemicals galore, soaring levels of sodium, sugars, fats, and colouring that is definitely not found anywhere in nature.

Not all protein bars are synthetic

If we want to feel our best and get the body shape of our fantasies, we can start making conscious decisions about what we eat. It’s time to really think about what goes in to the temples of our bodies. Protein bars, especially those made by 180 Nutrition, are one solution. They’ve been put together by a team of nutritional experts who really know what they are doing. All of the ingredients are completely natural and are based on super foods that are known to be good for us. The gluten, salt and sugar is missing as well. When we snack on something that is healthy and high in protein, our energy levels will go through the roof and our bodies start running more efficiently.

Protein bars are a good choice for breakfast or to have at lunch with fruit and yogurt. Instead of grabbing an unhealthy option between meals, having a protein bar is a wise choice. They make us feel satisfied and keep the system running on maximum capacity. There are other positive changes we can make as well. We can start reading the ingredients when we shop for groceries. It’s time to choose more fresh fruits and vegetables. When it comes to processed foods, we can choose those without additives or artificial ingredients. Everyone would be wise to stay away from the host of diet products that include chemicals.

A good rule of thumb is to consider if the ingredients in a product are found in nature. If it doesn’t grow naturally, it doesn’t belong in the body. When we eat well, we’ll feel better. Add some daily exercise and plenty of water and the positive results are absolutely amazing. Remember-baby steps.

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The Benefits of Drinking a Weight Loss Shake

weight loss shakeHave you been trying to trim your body and get the weight down but nothing seems to work? Are you tired of trying fad diets and diet pills which make you feel awful?

Change your thinking and try another approach with a weight loss shake that contains completely natural ingredients to get the job done. Every day, we put things in our bodies that don’t belong. Artificial ingredients, chemicals, too much sugar, loads of sodium, and colourings should not be in our foods. However, many products are filled with undesirable substances that are not natural. If you are including poor choices in your daily regimen, chances are that you don’t feel great and your weight isn’t where it should be. You can turn your life around with a simple change, choosing to take in natural ingredients that are so much better and will help your body to achieve optimal performance.

Introducing a Natural Weight Loss Shake

natural weight loss shake180 Nutrition has developed a protein supplement that comes in a powder in coconut or chocolate flavour. When used in a shake, it is perfect for kickstarting your weight loss plan. You could substitute a shake for breakfast or lunch.

Try it for both, including healthy snacks and a balanced meal in the evening. If you have to have a boost in the afternoon, a shake with this protein powder will definitely give you more energy.

When you lower your intake of carbohydrates and increase your protein levels, your metabolism will get fired up. You’ll start to build muscle and burn fat. Your body will get what it needs from these weight loss shakes that only contain natural super foods. Expert nutritionists knew what they were doing when they created a formula of natural ingredients which are prepared in such a way to get the maximum benefits from the contents.

You’ll have to make other changes as well. You can’t rely on the shakes alone. When you do have other meals and foods, make wise choices. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and lean meats are best to fuel the body. Moderation is important as well. Remember portion control and don’t overindulge in alcohol or the sweets. Try to eat when you are hungry, rather than by a time table. Many would recommend several small meals a day instead of three larger meals. See how weight loss shakes can curb your appetite. Don’t forget plenty of water, the importance of a good night’s rest, and exercise. You need to get the heart pumping and the body moving to sculpt muscles and trim away the excess as well. Give yourself time and be patient. When you begin with weight loss shakes and make other positive changes, you’ll be happy with your results.

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Eat like a caveman and follow the Paleo diet to better health

Would adopting the diet our caveman ancestors supposedly ate allow modern-day Americans live longer, healthier lives?

Proponents of the Paleo diet (for Paleolithic) say that meals packed with fresh fruits and vegetables and heavy doses of lean (preferably wild) meat, fish and seafood will “swiftly improve your disease symptoms” if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes orcardiovascular disease.

Not allowed are dairy, grains and legumes (beans, peas and lentils) because these were a late entry to the human palate, appearing about 12,000 years ago, and aren’t foods to which we’re “genetically adapted.”

While the diet has fans — the recently released “Paleo Diet Cookbook” is fourth in a series of books written or co-written by Dr. Loren Cordain, a Colorado State University professor — dietitians argue that eliminating entire food groups is a mistake.

In particular, whole grains and low and nonfat dairy are inexpensive sources of nutrients that are essential to good health. They point to the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes grains, along with fruits, vegetables, fish, lean dairy and limited amounts of meat, as a proven way to decrease the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.

The problem with the American diet is excess, said Dr. Keith Ayoob, a pediatric nutritionist at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

“Do I want to see people eating a huge plate of pasta and nothing else? No,” he said. “I want to see a reasonable portion with some lean meat and vegetables.” Ayoob cites “the rice bowl” as an ideal meal: one cup of rice, two cups of vegetables and three ounces of lean meat in one bowl.

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