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Vegan Protein Powders

vegan Protein powder

Being a vegetarian and especially a vegan means that you prioritise your protein intake a little differently than the typical meat eater.

Vegans have to continually count grams and remain conscious of getting enough protein in their diets as a protein deficiency can lead to malnourishment and a loss of muscle mass. The average meat eater doesn’t typically have to be concerned with getting enough protein as just one serving of animal based products generally has enough protein for a day’s requirement. But there are also saturated fats, injected hormones and a general culture of cruelty that goes along with animal proteins, so another option must be considered.

Plant proteins are just as good for the muscles and even better for the heart, and the very best of mother nature can be found in the 180 Nutrition superfood protein powders and snack bars. Made from the most wholesome superfoods such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut flour, chia seeds, flaxseed, inactive brewers yeast and more, these nutritional supplements can be added to meals, smoothies, salads and a vast array of nutritious cuisines. With a stellar 110 percent money back guarantee and an ingredient list made only of natural proteins you can pronounce, there is no risk involved in giving this superfood powerhouse a try.

If you are looking for a quick and easy method of obtaining lean protein and staying in shape while detoxing your liver and cells, look no further than 180 protein supplements. Both high in fibre and antioxidant boosting plant protein, these supplements are ideal meal replacements, post-workout snacks and energy boosters. Because this is a raw food, it’s also perfect for practitioners of the Paleo and raw diets.

Placing an order is easy, and there are many more meal ideas and recipes found on the 180 Nutrition website.

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Paleo recipes: Grilled chicken & roasted almond summer salad

paleo recipe saladBy 180 Nutriton

We’ve opened up a new topics section on our blog: Paleo recipes. I know for many people, when they think of the word paleo, what pops in ones head is a carnivorous meat eater that hunts down their own kill for dinner. This couldn’t be further from the truth and over the coming months we will be building a resource of healthy paleo recipes along side our current 180 Nutrition recipes.

For me simple is good. As long as the food is in the fridge the recipes will be delicious no brainers. So we kick off our first paleo recipe from our very own master chef…The ever creative Caroline Howe!

Paleo recipe: Grilled chicken & roasted almond summer salad


    • Rocket & baby spinach
    • Handful of sliced pears & strawberries
    • Small handful of crushed walnuts
    • Grilled chicken
    • Roasted almond
    • Blue cheese

Dressing: Cold pressed olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar & lemon

In Caroline’s own words: It’s got rocket, baby spinach, pears, strawberries and walnuts in it. I then sprinkled a little bit of blue cheese over it for saltiness and extra zing and then drizzled a little balsamic over it.

You could add some grilled chicken to it or roasted almonds if you wanted.

A simple paleo recipe. Takes 5 mins to prepare, looks amazing and the people I served it to loved it.