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CrossFit journey part II. Measuring my body fat percentage with the Dexa scan

By Guy Lawrence

A big thanks to the guys at MeasureUp in Sydney for helping me get an extremely accurate reading of my body fat, muscle mass, bone density and overall weight. It’s a very cool machine and a fantastic place to start if you are serious about tracking yourself whilst on any kind of health journey.

In this video (length 3:04sec)

  • What is a Dexa scan?
  • Why it is a non-intrusive way of measuring body fat
  • Get accurate measurements for muscle mass & bone density
  • And much more…

The Dexa scan results

The first thing I asked Luke (who is also a gun CrossFitter & coach at CrossFit Active in North Sydney) is how accurate are they? He said accurate enough for the Wallabies rugby union team and Hugh Jackman (would be interesting to see Wolverine’s x-ray) to be using it… Sold! That was enough for me…

At the end of the consultation they also give you a very groovy looking report with several scans and x-rays of your body, with my body fat being in orange and muscle mass in red. I’ll let you guess what the blue is!

Body fat & muscle mass


Body Composition Results