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Are gut bugs effecting your weight loss plan? Microflora studies linked to obesity

gut bacteria

By Tania Flack

Guy: This a great post by Tania as we focus on The Month Of The Gut. If you are wondering what the relationship is to the gut, weight loss and overall health then this is a must read. I’ll be having the gut test Tania talks about in this post… In the mean time, enjoy! Over to Tania…

month of the gutTania: If you have been struggling with your weight loss plan, most of your attention will be on the food you eat and increasing your exercise – which is great, but there are some people who despite their best efforts are still unable to lose weight. Does this sound familiar and why is this the case? A growing amount of research has identified the link between an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive system regarding weight gain, metabolic syndrome and obesity. More