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Searching For Gluten Free Protein Bars?

gluten free protein barsThere are many fad diets that seem to offer the healthiest products but you may be skeptical to believe these claims. We all hear the constant hype about going gluten free and the benefits associated with it, but you may be dubious.

Luckily, there are protein-packed, healthy products that are gluten free in existence. As you read this article, you’ll learn about the great products offered by 180 Nutrition and what they have to offer.

180 Nutrition is noted for providing protein bars that restore your energy and give you the necessary fuel to be productive. Unlike many competitors, 180 Nutrition protein bars are entirely natural and therefore, the healthiest. They are made with help from nutrition experts, ensuring they are genuinely healthy. A good rule of thumb to follow when looking at a food label is to choose items that have the fewest, healthiest ingredients.

By simply looking on the label of 180 Nutrition bars, you’ll see ingredients like: grass fed whey protein isolate, flaxseed, almond meal, coconut flour and shredded coconut, sesame seeds, chia seeds and other natural items.

The advantages of consuming 180 Nutrition bars are tremendous because they boost your energy and provide health benefits. Flaxseed and psyllium seed husks are renowned for their ability to relieve digestive issues and improve overall digestive tract functioning. Almond meal and coconut flour are wonderful gluten free additions that prevent insulin spikes and give nice flavors to the bars. Sesame seed and chia seeds are praised for their health benefits including: reduction of inflammation, being rich in several minerals, providing protection of bones and joints, promoting heart health, preventing colon cancer and more. These seeds also give a nice nutty flavored crunch to the bars.

There’s no denying that 180 Nutrition bars are amazing. The protein content allows you to stay full longer, the natural ingredients assure you you’re eating healthy and they give you energy. Whether you’re eating them to restore energy after a workout, following a gluten free diet or just seeking energy to make it through your daily routine, 180 Nutrition bars are the best around.

Try a sample bar today!

Protein Bar Recipes

protein bar recipe

Healthy protein bars, do they truly exist? Yes, they do! 180 Nutrition protein bars are just that, healthy…

They provide you with the protein you need to get though your busy day. We use pure and organic ingredients when we make our bars. No chemicals are added which makes these bars good for our bodies.

Ever read the labels on the food you buy from the grocery store? Some of the ingredients can barely be pronounced. When you read the label on a 180 Nutrition protein bar, you will not have this problem. Our bars contain ingredients such as flaxseed and almond meal, sesame and chia seeds, almond and tahini paste. No secret or hidden chemicals or ingredients.

In order to keep our bodies functioning properly, we have to feed it the right foods. Chemicals and processed foods are not the way to go if we want to keep our bodies functioning the best they can.

In addition to not having any added chemicals and preservatives, 180 Nutrition protein bars do not contain any added coloring and are completely safe for children. What a great way to get healthy foods into their growing bodies!

They also make a perfect mid-day snack. You know, when three o’clock rolls around and you need a pick me up? Instead of running to the coffee shop or brewing a cup of coffee, eat a 180 Nutrition Protein Bar. It will provide you with the pick-me-up that you need without causing harm to your body and nervous system and give you with the energy that your body needs, very quickly.

180 Nutrition protein bars are also perfect for before or after a workout. They will refuel your body with the protein it needs to function at optimal levels.

So, whether your children refuse to eat their vegetables or whether you find yourself making a run to the coffee shop, try putting something good into your bodies. With no harmful additives, 180 Nutrition Protein Bars are a great way to accomplish this task.

Protein Bar Recipes

Why not try making your own protein bar recipes like the ones me make below:

An all natural, never harmful treat will make your body happy, try a protein bar starter pack today.