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Stu gets ‘Bigger, Smaller, Bigger’

By Khan Porter

There’s a reason we call Stu ‘The Whippet’. He’s a sprightly fellow, however, hopefully not for much longer.

After doing CrossFit for the last six months Stu’s become so lean that ocean swimming (a favourite pass time of his) has become more like taking an ice bath and each session is getting notably shorter due to the poor Stu being unbearably cold.

So in this edition of 180 seconds or less, we join Khan and Stu on the couch and chat about Stu’s new dietary and strength training endeavor, in which he’s looking to put his days of Whippetry behind him and become more of a Rottweiler, or better yet Great Dane.

The diet is based on the “Bigger Smaller Bigger” plan, put together by fitness and nutrition experts Dr John Beradi, Martin Rooney and Nate Green. They claim it helped Green pack on a massive 20lbs in 28 days, so we’re looking forward to seeing what it does for Stu!

Froth Worthy High Protein Breakfast Porridge

High_protein_breakfastBy The Fit Frother

Guy: This is a guest post by fellow CrossFitter and friend Khan Porter (aka The Fit Frother). For those of you that CrossFit, trust me, I think it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be hearing a lot more of The Fit Frother. It’s a pleasure to have him feature on the blog and I’m sure it won’t be the last you see of him here at 180 Nutrition. Over to Khan…

Khan: It’s interesting becoming a part of a community which prides itself on egalitarianism. Where information is freely available and self education encouraged. CrossFit preaches knowledge as a key to success and at the pinnacle of the knowledge tree is understanding good nutrition. More

Benefits of the Paleo diet

The basic idea behind the paleo diet is that food production has evolved much faster than our bodies have. Therefore, paleo people say, we should try to mimic the eating habits of our ancient ancestors, sticking to lean meats and vegetables and skipping bread, artificial sweeteners and alcohol. Devotees say they lose weight and feel great.

“It works for many people, particularly if you hold onto a lot of belly fat,” said Chicago nutrition consultant Sherry Belcher.

She says the diet also can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as offer other health benefits.

“Removing any and all of these [nonpaleo] foods will have nothing but a positive effect on the body,” said Sheena Lawrick, a former Olympian and coach at Windy City CrossFit in Lakeview, where members are encouraged to combine a paleo diet with their workouts. Lawrick also notes that paleo isn’t so much about counting calories — it’s about feeding your body good food.

“A well-respected nutrition expert once told me, ‘Food is fuel, food is not reward.’ That stuck with me,” said Jon Callahan, 39, of Andersonville, whose whole family — including his wife and three children, ages 3, 5 and 8 — eats paleo. Callahan says he is sharper and has more energy since shifting to a paleo diet two years ago.

You can read the full article here.

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