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Weight loss, protein supplements & 180 Nutrition: The podcast


By Guy Lawrence

Last week we caught up with the lovely ladies Donna & Tora who are pretty savvy in the world of weight loss. They have both been through their own personal journeys when it comes to weight management, with Donna at one stage being 30kg over weight and Tora struggled with an eating disorder and weighed just 37kg!

When you meet them now they are both excellent examples of fine health.  They are putting many wrongs to right when it comes to weight management by drawing from many of their own personal life experiences, and are now starting to make it freely available for others too.

Flash required

To do this the girls are hosting a Weight Matters tele-seminar series focusing on weight loss advice for savvy people.

This seminar series is run once a month for one hour, and they kicked off their first episode featuring yep…  yours truly and business partner Stu.

What we cover in the podcast:

  • What is healthy eating?
  • Handy tips for weight loss
  • Why many supplements are doing you more harm than good
  • What to look for when reading food labels
  • Quick & easy healthy breakfast alternatives
  • Why we are more than just a protein supplement
  • How to ease sugar cravings
  • How to use 180 protein supplement to aid weight loss
  • How 180 Nutrition started
  • And much more… More