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Easy Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss

Easy Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss

So you are looking for an easy breakfast smoothie for weight loss that you can whip up in minutes? You’ve been told your whole life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you’ve probably received mixed messages about just what this meal should entail over the years. The food pyramid somehow led to a childhood obesity epidemic, and people today still have a strange misconception that eating processed carbohydrates loaded with refined sugars such as cereal and toast with jelly is a nutritious way to start the day.

Fortunately, science is far ahead of the USDA, and 180 Nutrition has dozens of recipes including breakfast smoothies that can help with your weight loss plans and promoting general good health using our Protein Superfood Formulas.

Why 180 Smoothies?

The 180 Protein Superfood formula comprises 11 natural ingredients grounded into a fine powder with protein isolated from either whey (wpi) or peas in the vegan version. The resulting mixture contains proteins, fibers and fats essential to maintaining a healthy body weight, help digestive function and prevents bloating and constipation. Available in coconut or chocolate flavours, the Superfood formula can be blended into smoothies or cooked into baked goods. Best of all, the 180 Protein Superfood has no gluten and none of the chemicals that you’ll find in other protein supplements; all of our ingredients come from natural ingredients you’ve heard of and can pronounce.

Easy Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss

Banana Berry Protein: A potassium rich way to start the day, just add berries, water and the coconut Superfood formula.

Nourish Me Breakfast Smoothie: Blend our chocolate Superfood formula with avocado, yogurt and berries for a hearty breakfast that’ll keep you full until lunch time. Add almond or coconut milk for a creamier taste.

Ginger Snap Cookie Smoothie: Yes, this smoothie does taste like a gingersnap cookie, and it rightfully deserves a spot on a list of easy breakfast smoothies for weight loss. Mangoes, ginger, walnuts, cinnamon and two scoops of coconut Superfood powder blended with coconut water and a few other ingredients go into making this sweet smoothie the perfect solution for someone who always wakes up with a sweet tooth.

Green Cleaning Smoothie: Fresh mint and parsley leaves add a bittersweet tang to vitamin rich celery, spinach and kale when combined with coconut Superfood powder and liquids. This smoothie will set your digestive tract to peak performance for the day while giving you a flood of natural plant energy to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

High Protein Breakfast Smoothie: Whether you’re training for a championship fight or just trying to lose weight by incorporating more protein into your diet, this tincture of two or three heaping spoonfuls of Superfood plus a raw egg, yogurt and berries of your choice will kick your metabolism into high gear.

Take a look around our website for more information about the science behind the 180 Superfood formula and dozens of other recipes for healthy smoothies and baked treats!

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Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy?

meal replacement shakes

Looking to win that battle of the bulge this year? Are you tired of the diet crazes that just leave you feeling defeated? Look no further. At 180 Nutrition, we’re thinking of new and exciting ways to help you lose that extra weight whether you’re a workout aficionado or a busy working mom.

The truth about many high-street meal replacement shakes

health food weightloss shakesYou may have heard rumours about meal replacement shakes and the possible weight-loss potential from these drinks, but before you go grabbing just any diet shake off the shelf, do your research. Many diet shake companies try to sell you a gimmick with catchy slogans and promises of a lighter you, but in reality the majority of meal replacement shakes contain synthetic ingredients that actually make your body hold on to body fat. They use artificial ingredients like aspartame, genetically-modified soy fibre, synthetic vitamins, and other elements that can potentially harm your body. Forget those misleading products and let 180 Nutrition do the hard work for you.

Why 180 Nutrition is different

We’re leading a protein supplement revolution with our meal replacements shakes. Our natural superfood blends are loaded with fibre, protein, and good fats without the sugar, preservatives, or synthetic processed ingredients. Feel free to compare us to popular top sellers you see in the marketplace. If you look at their ingredients, you’ll notice a plethora of synthetic and modified ingredients.

We only use the best 100% natural ingredients in our diet shakes. Healthy ingredients like Sesame, Chia, and Flaxseeds along with cocoa for a little bit of flavor. Our supplemental shakes will assist your metabolism and help keep that digestive system of yours functioning at an optimal level. If you’re looking for a more balanced diet to help regulate your natural body weight, our shakes truly deliver while giving you the stamina and endurance you need to get through your day.

So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and make a positive change for a healthier you. We’re so confident in our all-natural product that we even offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results you receive. Not all protein supplements are created equal, and with 180 Nutrition you’ll notice a big difference!

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Protein bars for weight loss

protein bars for weight loss

By 180 Nutrition

After 18 months of maintenance check-up with my doctor, he finally broke the bad news to me the medication he prescribed to me years ago to control my hypertension is no longer working. The blood pressure readings have been going up each and every time I came in for a check-up and he was very concerned. To make a long story short I left the doctor’s office with new prescription.

I’ve had several other doctors’ visits since then this past summer and my high blood pressure is once again under control due to the higher dosage my primary doctor prescribed to me. Let’s face it who am I kidding… myself? I’m in my mid-40s and I am 5 ft 6 inches tall. Oh did I mention we go out to eat a lot. Yeah my life is a recipe for disaster! My ideal weight is around 145 pounds and I’m current weighing 175 pounds – 30 pounds overweight. I’ve been thinking about going back to the gym for quite some time and when I finally heard that the gym down the road from me had an awesome promotion of $99 to join – I finally made the move to start a new “ME”.

I work out three to four times a week on the treadmill, then onto the elliptical machine then finally on the bike. And two days out of the four I do an extra 20 minute work-out on the nautilus machines working on my abdomen, hip and thigh areas. Lately I’ve been noticing after working-out I’m always hungry. I’m eating more now than ever before. This is definitely not my idea of losing weight!

A friend mentioned that I should try either protein shake or protein bars for weight loss and to help control my hunger. The protein bars would be ideal snacks to keep my energy up all day long. This is a huge turning point in my life, to start living and eating healthier. 180 Nutritions protein supplements seem like the ideal product for me to try. It’s all natural, no added sugar or preservatives. It contains all the good stuff Dr. Oz prescribes like flaxseed (fibre), almond meal (good fats & high protein), sunflower kernels (Omega 6 fatty acids, coconut flour for a great taste, cocoa and sesame seeds (antioxidants). 180 nutrition products comes in shakes, bars and you can cook with it too. Best of all it makes a healthy meal replacement.

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Best Protein Supplements

Protein supplements

Protein supplements are supposed to be a healthy way to get fit and build lean muscle.

Unfortunately, a quick read of most supplement labels will reveal all kinds of additives and preservatives, things no health-conscious person wants to put into his body. But 180 Natural Protein Supplement rejects this approach and gives its customers the natural supplements they crave, producing the super-food of choice for people serious about their bodies.

Full of natural ingredients, such as grass fed whey protein isolate, flaxseed, and almond meal, 180 protein supplement is known to help with lean muscle growth, to regulate body weight, and to aid in digestion. It is gluten-free and can be used as a meal replacement, saving consumers time and money. It also comes in a vegan option to build muscle without animal protein. 180 respects all ways to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest contradictions in the fitness business is the use of unnatural ingredients in supposedly healthy products. Consumers need to be vigilant and check the labels of even popular, well-known brands. 180 Protein Supplement easily passes the label test by using only the best natural ingredients, making it the source for anyone’s fitness food.

The supplement powder is easily blended with water or milk to make a smoothie. Adding a variety of fruits makes tasty smoothies that anyone can enjoy. The powder can also be put into other recipes to add fibre and natural nutrients to meals. With 180, eating nutritious, easily digested food is simple and affordable. Utilising pepita, chia seeds, and cocoa, 180 makes its products flavorful and of the highest quality.

Building muscle and eating well means choosing pure and natural supplements to augment a sound fitness plan. Working out is only part of the equation. Weights and cardio can only do so much without the proper diet to aid muscle growth and nutrition. Informed people know that additives and preservatives don’t fit a healthy lifestyle. These same people can go natural with 180 Protein Supplement. In a short amount of time, they will be thrilled with the results.

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180 Nutrition Protein Bars

180 Nutrition Protein BarsTwo critical components in maintaining a healthy lifestyle are regular exercise and a nutritious diet.

For optimal results, it’s imperative that the two components go hand-in-hand. With a plethora of processed protein bars on the market, choosing the best one can be challenging. Luckily, there are healthy protein supplements available that are healthful. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about 180 Nutrition protein bars and all they have to offer.

The 180 Nutrition Difference

The team behind 180 Nutrition take tremendous pride in the fact that the protein bars they’ve created are entirely natural, nutrient-rich, and free of preservatives. Unlike many of the other protein bars sold in stores, the protein bars offered by 180 Nutrition are full of nutritious ingredients like almond paste, grass fed whey protein isolate, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, and more.

All of the ingredients found in these protein bars offer a wide range of health benefits. The 180 Nutrition protein bar contains almond paste base, which is low carb and full of fiber and vitamins. The grass fed whey protein isolate found in these bars ensures you’re getting high quality protein that will give your body the fuel it needs after a workout. The seeds included in these protein bars provide a wide array of health benefits. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals that can prevent bodily inflammation. Chia seeds and flaxseed have a high fibre content, which promotes proper digestion. Sesame seeds are rich in minerals and antioxidants that promote healthy heart functioning and can prevent cancer. Items like coconut flour, cocoa, and stevia add a sweet flavor that is natural and won’t trigger insulin spikes.

The Undeniable Benefits Associated with 180 Nutrition Protein Bars
Clearly, 180 Nutrition protein bars offer tremendous benefits. Whether you eat them after exercising or simply as a snack, you can be certain you’re enjoying a healthy treat.

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High Protein Snacks

high protein snacks180 Nutrition, Your first step to a healthier lifestyle

One of the dangers of getting healthy through nutritional supplements is falling for cheap products that harm the body instead of supporting it.

Protein supplements from 180 Nutrition incorporates “old” wisdom into their new products by using a holistic approach, eliminating the need for chemicals. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it is a necessity to incorporate protein into your daily diet. A lot of dietary snacks and shakes claim to have the necessary amount of protein to fit your diet, but looking at the nutrition label reveals that these products have more sugar than protein, thus hindering your chance at living a healthy life. This new approach to protein supplements by 180 Nutrition combats mainstream protein supplements that overload your body with needless fat and carbohydrates, granting you the fresh start that you need.

By using 180 Nutrition’s high protein snacks, each customer can live a more holistic lifestyle by reducing the introduction of harmful toxins into the body. In order to give each customer the natural edge they need, 180 Nutrition designs and creates every product with the use of only home grown raw ingredients. The primary ingredients found are whey protein isolate and pea protein isolate, which gives the body a fresh supply of protein that the body cannot produce naturally. Other ingredients found in these high protein snacks are flaxseed, almond meal, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, inactive brewers yeast and more. Every ingredient is chosen to for their natural sources of protein, antioxidants as well as fiber that boost a healthy digestive system. With a variety of food choices and supplements to choose from, you’ll find the perfect item to complement or replace any of your meals.

180 Nutrition also strives to live a green lifestyle to promote a better environment. By eliminating the use of animal byproducts in their products, 180 Nutrition supports green energy through not contributing to green house gases that slaughterhouses produce, and providing natural dietary substitutions to everyday junk food.
These supplements are designed with everyone in mind, no matter how active their lifestyle may be. The shakes themselves take less than two minutes to put together, which is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go.

By supplementing your diet with natural items, you equip your body with necessary tools to reinforce the immune system, build muscle, eliminate cellular waste, increase brain activity, and give yourself a healthy beginning to your day. It’s time that you gave your body a fresh start today.

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180 Nutrition: Your #1 Source For Natural Protein Bars

natural protein barsSure enough, protein bars will increase the nutrient density of your diet, but that means very little if they adversely affect your health in other ways.

Therefore, without second guessing the decision or procrastinating, stay far away from the protein bars that contain artificial flavors and chemicals. What you need are natural protein bars, the ones that contain nothing but what your body needs to stay healthy, active and disease free: micro nutrients, fibres and antioxidants. You can get all the natural protein bars you want at 180 Nutrition.

Recognised As The Best In The Industry For A Valid Reason

As a leading provider of protein supplements, 180 Nutrition not only sets the standard for other companies, but it also proclaims what it does and guarantees 110% satisfaction. Having said that, what better way is there to order natural protein bars online than to do so from a renowned company that has your best interests at heart? 180 Nutrition provides an extensive line of wholesome and affordable products–all of which are unde 180 Nutrition’s unwavering policy.

What Benefits Are Piled High On The Table?

Natural protein bars can change your life in a number of ways. For starters, they can help you achieve your dream weight size, and here is why:

They provide the same essentials that food provides, but everything is balanced and completely free of fillers, colorings and preservatives. On top of that, they taste terrific regardless of how they are used or prepared. Whether mixed in a smoothie or served with cereal, natural protein bars will cure your hunger pains and suppress your unhealthy eating habits like never before.

What is more, natural protein bars can help you gain the lean muscle mass you have always wanted because they provide a whole lot of carbohydrate and protein. These are the two sources that produce pure energy and muscle growth, so as you consume them, you are going to feel better, lighter, stronger and full of life.

With natural protein bars, athletes can gain strength, endurance and stamina; parents can gain energy and optimal health; food addicts can gain control over their lives. Why suffer from food addiction when there is a remedy such as natural protein bars available?

Ordering A Healthy Product Without Risking Anything

180 Nutrition is adamant about meeting its customers’ expectations and protecting its long-standing reputation, so you can bet your last dollar on this: You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. Thus, head over to and place your order. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the product, you can get your money back, and that is a guarantee!

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Vegan Protein Powders

vegan Protein powder

Being a vegetarian and especially a vegan means that you prioritise your protein intake a little differently than the typical meat eater.

Vegans have to continually count grams and remain conscious of getting enough protein in their diets as a protein deficiency can lead to malnourishment and a loss of muscle mass. The average meat eater doesn’t typically have to be concerned with getting enough protein as just one serving of animal based products generally has enough protein for a day’s requirement. But there are also saturated fats, injected hormones and a general culture of cruelty that goes along with animal proteins, so another option must be considered.

Plant proteins are just as good for the muscles and even better for the heart, and the very best of mother nature can be found in the 180 Nutrition superfood protein powders and snack bars. Made from the most wholesome superfoods such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut flour, chia seeds, flaxseed, inactive brewers yeast and more, these nutritional supplements can be added to meals, smoothies, salads and a vast array of nutritious cuisines. With a stellar 110 percent money back guarantee and an ingredient list made only of natural proteins you can pronounce, there is no risk involved in giving this superfood powerhouse a try.

If you are looking for a quick and easy method of obtaining lean protein and staying in shape while detoxing your liver and cells, look no further than 180 protein supplements. Both high in fibre and antioxidant boosting plant protein, these supplements are ideal meal replacements, post-workout snacks and energy boosters. Because this is a raw food, it’s also perfect for practitioners of the Paleo and raw diets.

Placing an order is easy, and there are many more meal ideas and recipes found on the 180 Nutrition website.

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180 Nutrition Meal Replacement Protein Bars

protein bar meal replacement

Our world is absolutely saturated with products on the market to help you lose weight, shed pounds, gain muscle and have more energy.

But when you read the labels of most of the superfoods, the ingredients may leave you scratching your head. Many of these companies have even been involved in lawsuits over the contents of their products for causing terrible side effects.

In a world where we are so focused on chemical composition, we often lose sight of the natural goodness in the foods right at our fingertips. 180 Nutrition has made all natural meal replacement protein supplements and bars that are safe, delicious and can be shared with the whole family.

The 180 Nutrition Meal Replacement Protein Bars are made from the same core ingredients as the original 180 Nutrition supplement, including cocoa powder, almond meal, coconut flour, stevia and flaxseed meal. The 180 Bar has added almond paste and tahini paste for extra vitamins, minerals and organic rice malt as a binding agent. Click here for the full ingredients list. The protein bars are available in a 45g Superfood Bar and a 60g WOD bar.

While the 180 Nutrition system shakes can be added as a snack or meal replacement, the protein bars are perfect for giving you a boost of energy with real nutrition before and after a workout, for late night study sessions or as a after school snack for the kids. Resist those midday cravings with a nutritous protein bar. They also help to increase protein intake and decrease cravings and intake of fats, calories and preservatives. Help your body lose weight, have more energy and feel great with all natural ingredients. Made from real ingredients and free from chemicals, gluten, artificial additives and preservatives and available in both chocolate and coconut flavours.

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Protein Supplements Australia

best protein powder AustraliaIf you are looking for the best in protein supplements in Australia, look no further than 180 Natural Protein Superfood. This supplement has been designed by nutritional experts to provide you with a powerful combination of natural ingredients that will boost your energy levels.

The one thing you will not find in this protein supplement is any kind of preservative. It is important to provide your body with the proper fuel. That means nothing artificial and no chemicals. If you want optimal performance, you need to take care with the choices you make. 180 Natural Protein Superfood will help you to build muscle, stave off hunger, and trim the fat.

There are so many products flooding the market, offering you a magic formula when it comes to a protein supplement. However, 180 Natural Protein Superfood actually delivers. It can be blended in a tasty smoothie with lowfat yoghurt, your choice of milk of water, sprinkled on your food, or you can enjoy it in the form of protein bars. It works well in place of one to three of your meals each day if you are looking for a weight loss plan that is healthy and effective.

When you work out, consider having a shake or smoothie with 180 Natural Protein Superfood. It will help you to keep moving on those busy days when your energy starts to die down. The ingredients are blended carefully to preserve the rich content of vitamins and essential nutrients. You’ll only find substances found in nature in this supplement. The ingredients include pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, cocoa, grass fed whey protein isolate, flaxseed and sunflower kernels are only a few of the contents that form a powerful combination for your body.

Protein supplement smoothies and protein bars are fast and easy. Put the right foods in your body and you’ll get the outcome that you are looking for sooner. With 180 Natural Protein Superfood as a regular part of your diet, you will find yourself reaching your goals for your weight, fitness, and well-being. Make the right choice today and include this beneficial protein supplement in your daily regimen. With exercise, plenty of water, and other healthy foods, your body will be in the best shape ever.

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