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Can we reverse chronic disease?

Minding your mitochondria

There’s a reason why this video went viral over the internet when it first came out.
I highly recommend watching it and that is why I share it with you on the blog.

minding_your_mitochondriaAs Dr Terry Wahls (she’s the speaker in the video) put it, she’s the canary in the coal mine.¬†If it seems a bit technical at first or if you don’t know what a mitochondria is, stay with it as the overall message is a must!

There’s also a great interview here with Jimmy Moore as he chats to Dr Terry Wahls regarding her experience with¬†multiple sclerosis (MS) and also using a paleo diet. Enjoy, Guy.

Dr Terry Wahls is our next guest on 180TV.

Do you eat like this? Do you eat processed foods? How many leafy greens do you eat each day? Love to hear your thoughts…