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Are diet sodas a healthy choice?

Diet Soda Health Risks

By Guy Lawrence

“They may be free of calories but not of consequences.” - Professor Helen Hazuda speaking on diet soda.

After knocking the wind out of my mates sails regarding his healthy fruit salad and apple juice (click here if you’ve no idea what I’m on about), the next topic that came up on the radar was his diet soft drink. You see, the next logical step for my friend to take whilst on his weight loss plan was to be drinking the ‘diet’ stuff instead of  ‘normal’ stuff.

I mean, if a soft drink has the word ‘diet’, ‘sugar free’ or ‘low cal’ etc… It’s got to be healthy for you right?

His new found enthusiasim for his health and weight loss plan had already taken a dent regarding fruit and sugar, so I understood the switch to sugar free soft drinks. After he finished guzzling down his cold can on a sunny day I said one word to him… Aspartame.

In a nutshell, this was my response…

The Paleo Diet Study

paleo_diet_foodBy Guy Lawrence

The media continually creates buzz around the latest diets, especially when it comes to weight loss. Currently under the spot light at the moment is the Paleo Diet, where one eats more like our ancient ancestors by cutting out processed foods, starch (including grains) and sugar. Then eats a much more natural diet with good sources of fat, protein and veg with some fruit. More

Ever wondered if vitamin pills actually work?

vitamin pills and protein snacks

By Guy Lawrence

You would like to think so with Americans now spending an estimated $28 billion a year! This is a figure that has doubled over the last 15 years and continues to grow.

With that kind of turnover, it is an industry that wouldn’t appreciate what Time journalist John Cloud had to say on the matter.

John Cloud did the self experiment following the regime of a US vitamin company over 5 months. He was prescribed 22 vitamins a day along with protein bars and pysllium fibre.

The result?

He had a doctor to check him before and after the experiment. More