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Organic Madagascan Vanilla Powder

Organic Pure Vanilla Powder

Like many people, my husband and I got fed up with our lifestyle. He stays busy as an account executive and spends long hours in the office. I have the luxury of working my graphics design business from home; however, I did not feel any more energetic than he did. We sat down one rare weekend we could spend together and decided to make some changes.

Both of us are in fairly decent shape, but we could still improve ourselves. We had not used our gym membership in ages and just did not have the time for any regimented home workout. This was pretty disheartening, since both of us were into fitness while attending college. We were also negligent when it came to good nutrition. While we did try to keep a lot of good food around, we could be doing a lot better.

Our first glaring realisation came when we did an inventory of our refrigerator and our pantry. Were we even paying attention to the junk we threw into our shopping cart? When did we stop reading labels before we bought a food item? We starting going through our pantry to see what we were actually eating.

We like quick breakfasts in the morning and often eat cereal. My husband was shocked to discover that his favorite “whole-grain” cereal also had several grams of sugar and a surprising amount of sodium. I frowned when I found out that my favorite light yogurt still had corn syrup in it. So many packaged things we bought were deceptive in their advertising. I should not have to bring a chemical dictionary to the store to understand the ingredient labels.

We decided then and there that we were going to stop buying the heavily-processed foods anymore. Like my mum always says, whole foods from nature are the best. We wanted a nutritional supplement and did extensive research on the Internet. That is how I found out about 180 Nutrition and all of their beneficial products.

This company was founded by two men in Australia who were also frustrated with the limited choices people had today for good nutritional supplements. They created a line of super food meal replacements that uses pure, organic ingredients. I fell in love with the taste of the pure organic natural vanilla powder. It is so easy to blend up a tasty, nutritional shake on the go. My husband is fond of the nutritional snack bars. He can just throw a couple in his back pack to eat at work or when bicycling. The 180 Nutrition Company has been helping people around the world with their nutritional supplements since 2010.

I am glad to report that my husband and I are back in the groove of healthy living and have never felt better. My favourite product is the pure organic natural vanilla powder as I can add it to my smoothie or to yoghurt to get a great flavour and a nutritional boost. The protein superfoods continue to give us the energy to maintain a good exercise regimen. Life is looking better since we started making the right choices for our bodies.

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Low Carb Protein Snacks

low carb snack barEating well is one of the biggest challenges a person can undertake.

In fact, and this says a lot about how hard it is to eat well, most people can get themselves to exercise regularly with greater ease than making themselves eat well. Why is it easier to exercise than to eat well? Going to the gym, taking a walk or run outdoors or playing a cardiovascular sport are all finite activities that have a clear beginning and a clear end. If a person is not exercising, he or she can be sitting.

Eating well, enjoying a nutrient dense diet, high in vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein is an infinite goal. A person cannot eat well for breakfast and reward him or herself with a chocolate shake for snack. However, with a little help and some insider information anyone can move toward healthy food choices while stimulating the sweet tooth and satiating a growling stomach.

With 180 Nutrition, people who want to eat well have endless options. They can order the 180 original formula and use it as a meal supplement, mixing a delicious, sweet tooth slaying, nutritious, belly grumble-stopping shake, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add 180 Nutrition to a bowl of porridge in the morning for a more filling, and nutritionally whole meal. Sprinkle it on lunch, or mix it in with a salad and enjoy the flavor expected, not a healthy grainy flavor that is so common with other health products.

The secret of 180 nutrition is the use of all standard, found in nature, not chemically engineered products. When cooking, a person can add a tablespoon of the original formula to a recipe and not alter the flavour of his or her favorite food while packing it with otherwise hard to get nutrients. For anyone who has ever wondered why the mid-day craving comes on, the answer is simple: lack of nutrition triggers the brain to beg for sugar.

Feed the brain healthy carbohydrates instead of processed sugar, and the time release of the natural carb will last long enough to fend off the snack cravings that sink most people’s diets everyday. And for those people out there who want a healthy afternoon snack, a great, low carb protein snack is available. The 180 Nutrition Protein Bars make a great snack for the middle of a workday and they are prefect for a bite after working out. The trick being, people who want to eat well need to fill their diet with nutrients that provide stable energy, long lasting appetite satisfaction and real flavors that stimulate the tongue. With 180 Nutrition, such a diet is a reality.

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All Natural Healthy Lunchbox Snacks For Kids


180 Nutrition Monkey Bites are made entirely from nutritious, all natural, whole food ingredients. The kind that comes from Mother Nature, not a factory. They are free of nuts, gluten, fructose and chemicals, making them the perfect, school-safe snack, ready to pop in your kids lunch boxes today.

FREE SHIPPING! Our Monkey Bites will ship for free for a limited time only.

monkey bites childrens snacksThey’re chock full of protein, fibre and healthy fats and available in 14 x 22.5g bites specifically designed for your kids lunch boxes.

The 180 Monkey Bites will help you:

  • Choose an alternative to many of the processed kids snacks
  • Add more protein and good fat to your childs diet
  • Cut your kids intake of foods packed with chemical nasties
  • Fuel your little monkey through the day
  • Cocoa

    Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

    The body does not store protein, and is essential for your little monkeys whilst they grow and develop. Whey protein isolate (WPI) is a fantastic source of protein for kids.

  • Flaxseed


    180 contains a perfectly balanced quantity of Flaxseed in it’s formula. Flaxseeds are a great source of fibre, lignans, protein, omega 3, vitamins, and minerals. The importance of these nutrients is paramount.

  • Sunflower Kernels

    Sunflower Kernels

    Are rich in Omega 6 fatty acids. Health benefits include anti-inflammatory properties and aid cardiovascular health from its vitamin E content. Also contains magnesium and selenium, a trace mineral that is of fundamental importance to human health.

  • Shredded Coconut

    Coconut Flour

    Made from certified organic coconut flesh. It is very high in natural fibre, and has a delicious sweet taste. High in protein, gluten free and zero cholesterol. Making it the perfect ingredient for flavouring.

  • Cocoa beans


    Not only does Cocoa taste rich and delicious, evidence points to the use of raw cocoa in a medicinal capacity for over two thousand years, including treatment of fatigue, fever, heart pain, shortness of breath, kidney & bowel complaints.

  • Chia Seeds

    Were originally farmed by the Aztecs over 3500 years ago. They have been ‘rediscovered’ and modern medicine has acknowledged Chia seeds as an excellent source of protein and that is jam-packed with amino-acids, Omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

  • Pepita

    Pepita (Pumpkin seeds)

    Pepitas are an excellent source of minerals, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, protein, monounsaturated fat, and zinc. They are a celebrated food of the Native American Indians who treasured them both for their dietary and medicinal properties.

  • Sesame Seeds

    Sesame Seeds

    Sesame Seeds are packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin B1 & vitamin E. They contain high levels of phytochemical antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals, which have been implicated in development of cancer.

  • Psyllium Husk

    Psyllium Husks

    Rich in fibre, Psyllium Seeds and their husks have long been enlisted for great digestive function, which aids regular bowel movement.

  • inactive brewers yeast

    Inactive Brewers Yeast

    Not to be confused with Bakers Yeast, Inactive Brewers Yeast is extremely rich in B-complex vitamins which support your body’s metabolism and energy production. The Amino Acids in inactive brewer’s yeast are essential to support the building and repair of tissues, bones, muscles and cartilage.

  • stevia


    This natural herb from South America is used as a sweetener, with the added benefit that it has zero calories, negligible effect on blood sugar and none of the nasty side effects of the artificial sweeteners used in some of the leading nutritional supplements.

  • coconut oil

    Coconut Oil

    The naturally occurring fat in coconut oil is actually good for you and provides a number of profound health benefits, including an excellent energy source, boosts immune system  and helps stop sugar cravings.

  • Sesame Seeds

    Tahini Paste

    Made from ground sesame seeds and contains virtually zero measurable trans-fat or cholesterol, tahini is a great high source of vitamin A, magnesium, folate and calcium, and is especially abundant in phosphorus and potassium.

  • Organic Rice Malt

    Organic Rice Malt

    A natural binding ingredient where the low GI carbohydrate from the brown rice releases energy over a longer period of time. Contains no fat or cholesterol of any type and is 100% fructose free.

Leading high street kids snack bars commonly use the ingredients below:

snack barWhole white rice, sugar, salt, barley malt extract, glucose, fructose, hydrogenated soyabean oil (antioxidants [320, 306, 304]), glucose solids, invert sugar, humectant (glycerol), gelatin, flavour, salt, emulsifiers (472e, 472a), colour (carmine), skim milk powder.

So what’s the answer?

With the majority of kid’s snacks filled with sugar and processed carbohydrates, there are not many answers other than fruit. Whilst fruit can be a good option and provide fibre, it lacks the protein and healthy fats that your little monkey needs.

With alarming statistics now showing that if current trends in childhood obesity continue, by the time our children reach the age of 20 they will have a lower life expectancy than earlier generations.

Nutritional Information per 22.5g bite: Energy:381kj, Fat: 3.0g, (Sat Fat): 1g, Protein: 5.5g, Carbs: 10.3g, Sugar: 4.8g, Fibre:1.8g *All Whey Protein Isolate contains traces of Soy.
This product is manufactured on equipment which processes products which may contain nuts.
Free of all synthetic chemicals, flavourings, preservatives, nuts, gluten and fructose :)

money back guaranteeLove it or send it back, no questions asked.

We believe so strongly in our products that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason with your purchase of 180 Natural Protein Superfood, contact us and we will arrange for a 100% refund.


Protein snack

protein snackMillions of people struggle to lose weight every day but find the process impossible. This is partially because humans have been consuming food that has been chemically altered to look, taste, and even feel different.

With humans consuming so many chemicals and so little actual food, it’s no wonder that dieters experience cravings, irritability, and intense hunger when attempting to lose weight. Just as someone who drinks caffeine will go through withdrawal when they stop, the same is true with food. This doesn’t mean that weight loss is impossible. In fact, thousands of people have discovered that not only is losing weight doable, but it’s actually easy when using the right products and including protein snacks.

Easy weight loss is made possible thanks to 180 Nutrition. Unlike other dieting gimmicks that use questionable pills or unhealthy eating habits, 180 Nutrition is different. Instead of asking that customers starve themselves, all the company asks is that dieters use their protein supplement. Protein helps to build muscle and keep dieters feeling full. While any protein will work, 180 Nutrition is designed to not just help with muscle growth and hunger pains, but also weight loss as well. Dieters won’t have to worry about eating nothing but the protein supplement either. Instead, all they have to do is consume the product once a day.

180 Nutrition comes in three formulas, the original, bar form, and one for vegans. Each of these formulas are made up of 12 different ingredients, all of which are completely natural and known to be beneficial to the human body. These ingredients include grass fed whey (or pea protein for vegans), flaxseed, almond meal, sunflower kernels, coconut flour, cocoa, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, psyllium husk, inactive brewers yeast, and stevia.

Using the protein supplement is easy. The original formula comes in a powder and can be consumed as a high protein snack, added to regular food, or even baked with. There are even multiple recipes online that substitute the protein supplement in place of other unhealthier ingredients. This means that dieters can eat a healthy meal while still getting the protein needed to lose weight.

180 Nutrition works because it replaces regular snacks, which are often loaded with sugar and fat, with a healthier protein snack alternative. It also gives dieters more energy so they’re more likely to be active on their own later. In addition to that, the high protein levels in the supplement means that dieters won’t constantly be hungry. This is important because no one can lose weight if they’re constantly starving.

180 Nutrition also comes in a bar form so dieters can have a fast protein snack on the go. Unlike other snack bars which contain low grade ingredients, the 180 bar is loaded with the same natural products found in the protein supplement. Unlike with the powder form though, no mixing is required. All dieters have to do is unwrap, consume, and enjoy weight loss.

Try a starter pack today and you’ll feel the difference!

Best Protein Bar

Best Protein Bar

Everyone is on the move. There are many demands on our time and we may not be able to slow down to prepare a healthy meal. It means finding something quick and easy. However, many of the fast food choices are not good for us.

They are filled with artificial colourings, additives, sugar, and sodium. We find ourselves losing energy more quickly and feeling terrible because of what is going into our bodies. It is time to take charge and make better choices. If you are searching for something to substitute for a meal or a healthy snack, consider the 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar.

The name says it all. 180 Nutrition has been concentrating its efforts on supplying the public with food that is good fuel for the body, containing natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for all of their beneficial properties. Using their original 180 formula used in their protein powder, they have developed the best protein bar on the market.

Why choose the 180 Natural Protein bar?

It’s simple. These bars are loaded with protein, a must to boost energy levels, kick up the metabolism, burn fat, and supply the body with the fuel it needs to run efficiently throughout the day. With ingredients like flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, coconut flower, chia seeds, and many more, you can expect to feel satisfied and know that you are making a healthy choice. There are no additives or colourings. If it isn’t found in nature, it shouldn’t be going into your body. That is a simple rule of thumb to follow and the 180 Natural Protein Superfood bars follow that rule. The ingredients are blended carefully so as not to deplete the vitamins and minerals contained within. Gluten is absent as well, heading off problems for many who have become intolerant and may not even realise that is the underlying reason.

You can have a 180 Natural Protein Superfood bar when you’re running out the door on the way to work. Have one in your lunch along with fruit and vegetables to give your body what it needs. If you find yourself looking for a snack, a protein bar is a better choice than a chocolate bar or other unhealthy options. These protein bars are a good option after a workout as well. Find yourself feeling better when you choose protein. You’ll maintain better energy levels and you won’t give in to the urge to snack.

You might have tried many other supplements and snack bars. Give 180 Natural Protein Superfood bars a try to experience the original 180 formula in quick and easy form. Nothing will slow you down with a protein bar to go.

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High Protein Snacks

High Protein Snacks 180 Balls

It’s time for a revolution in the way that people eat. Everyone wants to look great, get in shape, and feel the best that they possibly can. However, they’re going the wrong way about getting there.

The market is overloaded with diet products and supplements that are loaded with artificial ingredients, chemicals that can’t even be pronounced, and colourings. In the daily food intake, many people are getting loads of sugar, salt, and fat. Put this terrible combination together and the result is disaster. Energy levels peak or crash, cravings push us to binge on unhealthy choices, or we feel absolutely awful. Fortunately, there is a solution and it’s found in the products made by 180nutrition.

Introducing the 180 High Protein Snack

High protein snacks are one of the best choices that a person could make, along with other products offered by the innovative team at 180nutrition. The 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar is available in chocolate and coconut flavors. It’s gluten free, which is perfect for anyone who has a problem dealing with gluten. There are many others out there that don’t realize the symptoms that they experience are due to gluten products. Supplementing their diets with these high protein bars will give a great boost of energy and may take away some of the other problems associated with gluten as well. It’s worth a try.

All of the ingredients are completely natural in these high protein snack bars. There are no artificial additives or chemicals that do not belong in the human body. Sugar and salt are not a problem either. A team of nutritional experts combined forces to gather together a group of super foods. These foods are recognized for their nutritional benefits. Some of them include almond paste, tahini paste, rice malt, flaxseed meal, cocoa powder, sunflower kernels, chia seeds, sesame seeds,and yeast.

The 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar is perfect for that pick-me-up during the day when energy levels are dipping down low. Keep one on hand for before or after a workout. Pack them in lunch for the kids and rest assured that they are eating well. Use it for breakfast to kickstart the day with something that is good for the body. Stop loading the body with artificial preservatives, chemicals, and colourings that are not found in nature. If it isn’t natural, it doesn’t belong on the menu.

Choosing high protein snacks, supplements, and healthy food choices throughout the day can bring about that body transformation we all want. More importantly, we will be healthier if we put better foods in our bodies. We only get one body in this life. It’s time to take care of ourselves and make sure we put in the best, daily ingredients.

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Why you should check protein bars nutrition facts

protein bar nutritional facts

By 180 Nutrition

If you’re concerned about your health, we’re sure you would have tried a variety of a protein bars. By checking out the nutrition facts, most of these protein bars are undoubtedly loaded with chemicals and other ingredients you may not even be able to pronounce. What if there was a protein bar with ingredients you could not only pronounce, but also trust? The 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar is the answer to all your prayers. This simple snack bar will help you quickly refuel after a taxing workout. It will also help you avoid bad food choices when cravings hit. By eating this, you replace other snacks filled with preservatives, chemical, and flavourings.

The bar was invented by fitness trainer Guy Lawrence when he discovered how many unnatural ingredients were in most protein bars nutrition facts. Good nutrition calls for simple ingredients. The 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar contains simple, healthful ingredients like flaxseed, almond meal, sunflower kernels, whey protein and more.

Who will benefit from the 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar?

Anyone who wants increased energy and health should take the bar. The bar improves your metabolism and eliminates toxicity, thereby increasing energy. The bar is great for a workout when taken an hour before and a half-hour after. Great for body builders or anyone who wants to build muscle, the bar improves stamina and energy. It’s also great for those who want to lose weight.

The 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar is perfect as a meal replacement. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or not, replacing one meal a day with the bar will improve your health and nutrition. The bar is also very high in fiber necessary for digestive health. The best thing about the bar is its good for everybody. Whether you have diabetes, cancer or another illness, the bar is safe. It won’t alter your blood sugar. It’s also good for pregnant women. Used as an addition to regular snacks and meals, the bar will fill you with extra protein, essential fatty acids, fiber and minerals.

Athletes, busy moms, and children will benefit from the 180 bar. If you want a protein bar filled with healthy ingredients you can pronounce, try the 180 Natural Protein Superfood Bar. True to its name, this super food is good for everybody. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain it, the protein bar supports your needs. The 180 is different from other protein bars. The 180 has different protein bars nutrition facts. It provides you with the energy you need without filling you with preservatives.

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