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5 Tips To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips for a better sleep

By Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Stu – My sleeping patterns aren’t great and making it through the night without waking is a thing of the past. In my obsession with learning the secrets to a good nights sleep I wanted to share this fantastic post from Cassie Mendoza-Jones. Over to Cassie…

When was the last time you enjoyed a really deep sleep, and awoke feeling refreshed?

Sleep disturbances and insomnia are common, and there are several causes, such as an over-stimulated nervous system, poor neurotransmitter (brain chemistry) function, adrenal and hormonal dysfunction, as well as acute personal or environmental stress. The good news is you don’t have to suffer through endless sleepless nights. Natural medicine takes a wholistic approach to healthcare, with a focus on resolving the underlying issues, and the treatment of sleep disturbances is no exception. Here are my top tips for getting a good night’s sleep: More