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7 Quick & Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Breakfast

healthy breakfast bowl smoothie

Angela: I think we all know by now breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With a few tweaks you can make an average breakfast supercharged with no extra effort at all! By doing this you will ramp up the nourishment factor of your food and you will be less likely to make bad food choices through out the day.

So what do I mean by supercharge your day? You are more likely to achieve a healthy metabolism, balanced weight and good concentration levels. Guy & Stu always get asked what they eat for breakfast. Here are their ’7 quick and easy ways to supercharge your breakfast’ so you can upgrade your most important meal of the day.

Tumeric & Black Pepper


Love Tumeric! You could write a whole blog post just on the health benefits. It really is incredible and well studied. Some of the health benefits are: powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, fights degenerative diseases of the brain, lowers the risk of heart disease, cancer preventative and reducing inflammation and pain in arthritic patients. Curcumin is the key compound in turmeric that gives you all these wonderful health benefits. Tumeric taken along with black pepper can increase it’s bioavailability. You could add to a savoury porridge or omelette.


left overs dinner

Remember to think outside the box. One of our favourite strategies is to cook once and eat twice. You can have leftovers from the night before. Guy and Stu are big fans of a big cook-up and using last nights meal for breakfast the next day. Hands down you will be getting way more nutrients into you for breakfast than the traditional toast, muffins and cereal that we’ve been led to think is a healthy start!

Add Quality Fat & Protein (keeps you going all morning)

healthy fats

The last thing you want to do when kickstarting your day is spike your blood sugar levels with processed foods and carb’s for breakfast. This will have you wondering why your feeling low in energy a few hours later and reaching for sugary snacks. Try adding these foods to your breakfast plate instead; Smoked salmon, avocado, coconut oil, sardines, eggs, olive oil, nuts and seeds. All make great additions to your breakfast.

Supercharged Breakfast Smoothie

breakfast smoothieWe may seem a bit biased here, but 180 Superfood was designed to supercharge your smoothie. Packed full of protein, good fats, fibre and nutrients. It makes the perfect ratio of carbs, fats and protein for a balanced breakfast to keep you full until lunch. A smoothie is the easiest way to cram in quality nutrients. It could be as simple as adding 1/2 avocado (quality fats), handful of berries (low gi & nutrient rich), some coconut milk, 180 Superfood and ice. Give it a go! I always try to add some form of greens in there too, like cucumber or spinach. If you don’t like the idea of adding veg to your breakfast smoothie or the cupboards are bare, a greens superfood powder is a great way to help supercharge your smoothie. You’ll be amazed how you feel after doing this for a week or two.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shot

apple cider vinagarApple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the sugars from apples. This makes acetic acid which is the active ingredient. I think this is a great first drink of the day. It can taste harsh to start with but just dilute in a little more water until you get the taste for it. Dosage should be 1 – 2 teaspoons in about 1/2 a glass of warm water. Buy organic where possible to avoid toxins. Studies have suggested that it can kill some types of bacteria, lower blood sugar levels, help with weight loss and have benefits in achieving a healthy heart. I use ACV as a digestive tonic. I find that it aids digestion and get’s the system started first thing in the morning.

Superfood Breakfast Bowl

healthy breakfast bowlEasy to prepare and a powerhouse of nutrients and a recipe you can get creative with too. Soak a handful of pumpkin seeds, a handful of sunflower seeds and a handful of sesame seeds for 10 minutes (or overnight in the fridge) then drain. Throw in some berries or goji berries and a scoop of chocolate 180 Superfood if you need the extra protein hit. Place in a food processor and add coconut milk. Blend until porridge like consistency. This will be high in iron, magnesium and zinc. You will also have a diversity of anti oxidants, gluten free, low GI and high in protein. A great start to the day and it tastes delicious.

Almond, Brazil & Cashew Nut Butter (ABC)

ABC nut butterMove over jam and sweeten spreads. Get rid of those sugary spread fixes and have some sustainable energy. We love our nut butters, especially the ABC combo as it contains all the essential amino acids found in animal proteins making it a “complete” protein. This is our favourite one. Not only that nuts are high in good fats and packed full of nutrients.


By making some small adjustments, you can give yourself the right start to the day which your body deserves and you will soon reap the health benefits over the long term :)

Juicing versus Blending; Which is Healthier?

juicing verses smoothies

Angela: I often get asked what’s the difference between juicing versus blending and which one is healthier. There are a couple of key factors to consider. The main one is that juicing removes all the fibre. Removing the fibre takes away the satiety of the drink. Juices (vegetable) are more a nutrition tonic and blending smoothies are a good snack and meal replacement as they still have the fibre and you can add good fats and protein.

The other major variable to consider are the ingredients. If you are using mainly fruit, you will be consuming large volumes of fructose. Yes, this may be natural but we feel it’s not ideal for long term health (you can read our thought on fructose here.) Let’s look at the pros and cons of juicing vs blending…


  • No fibre which takes away the satiety of the drink
  • Because you remove the fibre you remove some of the antioxidants
  • Should not be used as a meal replacement as there is no fibre, protein or good fats
  • You are consuming more calories without the satiety
  • If you have blood sugar issues you should be aware that juices are high in sugar and will spike blood sugar levels
  • You have to buy a expensive juicer
  • A green vegetable juice is a good way to boost nutrient levels
  • I always use the rule of thumb of 80% vegetable and 20% fruit in my juices


  • Include fibre so you feel fuller for longer
  • Keeps you regular & is essential for removing inflammatory toxins from the body
  • You can include protein and good fats making it a whole food; coconut oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, chia seeds, 180 protein Superfood
  • You can use smoothies as a meal replacement and snack
  • They don’t spike blood sugar levels
  • Increase nutrient levels by including the fibre
  • Don’t need an expensive juicers. You can use a blender which most of us have in the kitchen and can be used for lots of things
  • Include good fats and leafy greens – leafy greens contain essential vitamins A, E, K and D and are only absorbed in the presence of fat


I’m a big fan of blending smoothies. I don’t like waste so the fact that you use everything is awesome and by including the fibre you are increasing your nutrient intake and keeping you regular is double tick for me. I do like green juices from time to time if I feel I need an easy absorbable green vegetable hit. Using a quality greens powder is an option too if you don’t want the hassle. I have no room for fruit juices in my life. It’s just a sugar hit you are dumping on your liver. I vote smoothies the winner. Here’s one of Guy’s favourite smoothie meal replacements.

Check out the 180 Superfood goodness here

My Top 10 Go-To Herbs & Spices That Increase Vitality

Herbs and Spices

By Angela Greely

Angela: One of the first things I do with patients when starting a clean eating diet is clear out their pantry. Which can be full of condiments high in Omega 6 oils, sugar, colours and preservatives. Nature has provided so many wonderful herbs and spices to enhance our food with great flavours and they have amazing health benefits! Here is my top 10: More

Turning yourself around 180°

By Guy Lawrence

Do you ever feel like your chasing your tail but never really getting any where? Well if you do, don’t lose heart because I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one.

When asking a very wealthy and successful (not just monetarily) person once, what was the key? With a wry smile on his face he said “turn your TV around so it faces the wall”, he then added “if you do the opposite to what most people are doing in life, you’ll end up finding what you’re after”

He might as well have tattooed those words on my fore head, because every time I stop to reflect, I think of this chance meeting and what he had to say.

So after many many days of deliberating and procrastination, I turned the affectionately known ‘idiot box’ around so it faced the wall. And I made the commitment that it would stay that way for the next 12 months. Watching the morning news never really brightened my day before work, and I figured if the sky was to suddenly come tumbling down, I’d soon know about it. If i wanted to watch a movie, I’d go to the cinema, and soaps never really did it for me anyway.

But it wasn’t the TV itself, it was what it represented to me, and that  was distraction. If I was to dig below the surface a little, there were so many things that didn’t align to who i really was, and keeping myself distracted was the tonic I wanted to kick. So if I could begin with the TV, I started to wonder what else I could turn around if i really set my mind to it.

My career, relationships, health, finance, personal growth. Was i really making the most out of them. What if it all came to a screaming halt next week, would i be happy with what I’ve experienced so far? What about learning Spanish, or picking up my guitar that gathers dust in the corner, taking 10 minutes out of the day and giving somebody my time who i’ve not spoken to for a while. Swim with dolphins, helicopter ride the Grand Canyon. Is it possible to seize the day, every day, have that well orchestrated balance and live in the moment but with one eye the prize (whatever that may be).

So if there’s a nagging feeling rattling around inside yourself, and some of the above could do with some minor/major tweaking, then just maybe you should consider going in the opposite direction and turning yourself around 180°.

Want to turn your health around? Why not start the first step by reading our free eBook.

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