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Angeline Norton Sports Model

By Stuart Cooke

Stu: We’ve been friends with Angeline (pictured above) for a couple of years now and are always intrigued to hear how she tackles her diet. You see, Angeline is a sports/fitness model who doesn’t prescribe to the misconceived notions of sipping water and nibbling low-fat crackers in order to stay lean. She has a real passion for nutrition and plans her meals with the upmost precision.

We asked here what her typical daily diet looks like and she was kind enough to run us through her mealtime options with not a cracker in sight:)

Over to Angeline…

Angeline Norton“I have recently changed my diet quite a bit after seeing a Naturopath due to having digestion and tummy issues after eating certain foods. The reason I went to see her was I just felt I was doing all the right things with my eating but I just didn’t seem to be losing body fat in general let alone for competition level.”

“I lost quite a bit of weight during my first season of sport’s model competitions but this was through naively following a plan from a coach who drastically restricted my calorie intake and I rebounded quite a bit afterwards. So I really wanted to do it the right way through sensible eating and not starving myself because it really isn’t maintainable to restrict calories as much and it damages your metabolism in the long term.”

“I found out I was intolerant to a lot of foods I thought were healthy which they are but they weren’t agreeing with me and were causing inflammation in my body, bloating, sharp tummy pains and therefore stalling all body fat loss. I found out I was intolerant to dairy, eggs, garlic, onion, coffee, and various other foods I was having every day. After the initial shock of feeling my food options were very limited and how could I cope with such restrictions I have adjusted a lot over the last couple of months and now feel I have the hang of my new eating plan.”

Here are some examples of what I eat in a typical day…

Breakfast options:

healthy breakfast ideas

  • I love having my 180 Nutrition pea protein smoothie with just some water and 1/4 of an avocado
  • 1/2 cup of organic quinoa flakes with 1/2 cup of coconut 180
  • I also like to have a protein breakfast of a lean beefburger some avocado and a slice of gluten free toast, I would normally have this as my meal 2 so it’s not so early in the morning as I get up at 5am most mornings
  • I am also loving having a cup of puffed buckwheat or brown rice with a pea protein shake mixed in and some cinnamon and stevia sprinkled on top

Lunch options:

healthy lunch ideas

  • For lunch I love to have a beef stew which I make over the weekend, it’s such a simple recipe and its tastes better after a few days and is fantastic for a lunch box
  • Asian stir-fry is another great dish I have regularly because it has lots of fresh herbs like mint basil and ginger and freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Salmon, quinoa pasta with broccoli peas and freshly squeezed lemon

Dinner options:

healthy dinner ideas

  • Salmon with broccolini, zucchini and fresh dill
  • I normally cook up a batch of burgers on the weekend to snack on if I’m in between meals or just back from work and dinner isn’t for a few hours, they are also great to use for breakfast or lunch. I grate a carrot into my mince and freshly chopped parsley for extra flavour. Cauliflower rice is a great alternative to normal rice and you get an extra serve of veg too!
  • Dinner out usually involves a steak or fish with veggies, no gravy as most contain flour and I usually get a side of steamed greens and if I’m really lucky they’ll serve sweet potato too! I’ve never been to a restaurant yet where I couldn’t find something healthy to have
  • One of my favourite meals of the week is Sunday roast! I try to shop organic where I can and source meal from a local market. I use buckwheat flour because I’m gluten intolerant instead of flour for my gravy and fresh rosemary on the roast veggies

If you want to hear more about Angeline you can read our previous post here.

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You can also follow Angeline on her website here or on FaceBook here.

Do you have any questions for Angeline? We’d love to hear them! Just ask in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to answer them…

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5 Replies to “Food Diaries from a Sports Model”
Noleen Brown says:

Hi Angeline
I purchased your ebooka few days ago
& still have not received it
I emailed your website but have not received
a reply
I thought it took just overnight to receive
The eBook
Would you please look into this for me

Guy Lawrence says:

Hi Noleen. You will be best contacting Angeline here or on her Facebook page here. Hope that helps, Guy

Sarah says:

Hi what gluten free bread does Angeline use for her burgers she mentions? Thankyou, Sarah

Angeline says:

Hi Sarah, thank you for your question. I don’t use any bread when I cook my homemade burgers. I usually have them with some sweet potatoe chips and salad and find that’s enough. With regard to gluten free bread just be careful what kind you buy. There’s a lot of awful ones out there with vegetable oil in them which is not good for our bodies and soy products. All the gluten free breads at the major supermarkets I wouldn’t touch for the reasons I’ve mentioned. There are some good quality ones out there you just have to look a little harder. The Natural Nutrionist does a great spinach grain free bread I’ve made before, you can check out her Facebook page for the recipe. I hope this answers your question 🙂

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