Join Our Team of Ambassadors

Do you believe in the importance of powering your body with nutritious whole foods? We do, and it’s our aim is to build a team of passionate people to spread the word around what it actually takes to achieve amazing health. If you have an engaged social following and a true passion for health then we welcome you to apply to the 180 Nutrition Ambassador Program.

Who Should Apply

  • Bloggers, influencers, nutritionists, athletes, and fitness gurus.
  • 180 Nutrition fans.
  • People who love nourishing real food and want to spread the word about 180 Nutrition with their community.

What You’ll Get

  • Product: Quarterly kits filled with 180 Nutrition samples, new products, information, and special promotional items.
  • Exposure: To our passionate and highly engaged audience of over 80,000 people across multiple social media channels.

What You’ll Do

  • Introduce yourself to your social media communities as a 180 Nutrition ambassador.
  • Share samples of our products with your community.
  • Dedicate time each month to spreading the message of our brand.
  • Demonstrate how you use our product range to your audience.

If this sounds like you then contact us here to start the conversation.