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This podcast features Christine Cronau who is a nutritionist, author and public speaker in the field of nutrition, diet and health. Christine received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Mathematics (hons) from California State University Fresno, and worked as a scientific and technical author for the next 15 years. She completed further study in Nutrition with an Adv Dip in Nutritional Medicine, and finally a Master of Public Health Nutrition at the University of Queensland. She is accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

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Christine Cronau: The Fat Revolution

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Audio Version Episode #10 By Guy Lawrence As far as I’m concerned Christine Cronau rocks! Best selling author of The Fat Revolution series, her message for great health is simple and clear. Christine is kind enough to do a SPECIAL OFFER on her book ‘The Fat Revolution’ for the month of June 2013. Buy one Read More…

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