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This podcast features Justine Switalla who is passionate and is on a mission to impact and empower women around the globe. Having landed in Melbourne in 2005, Justine hit the ground running within the fitness industry and she hasn’t looked back. Justine’s credentials as a personal trainer and fitness professional are impressive. She ran her own personal training business for 10 years, only moving on when she had her son Leo. She has written best selling eBooks and after her pregnancy, she created ‘Fit Healthy Mums’. Fit Healthy Mums is an online hub to help women pre and post baby get into the best shape of their lives in a very healthy and sustainable way.

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Justine Switalla – Fit, Healthy & Strong in Mind & Body

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Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week I’m excited to welcome Justine Switalla. Justine is a woman’s health, fitness and wellness coach who’s on a mission to impact and empower females around the globe. She believes that with the right support, attitude and tools anyone Read More…

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