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This pocast features Kate Parham Kordsmeier who is the founder of Root + Revel, a food and wellness blog dedicated to natural living. Kate launched R+R after a decade of freelance writing about food, travel and lifestyle for over 100 publications. She's also a recipe developer, the author of the cookbook Atlanta Chef's Table and has hosted food + travel videos for CNN, Where Traveler and Explore Georgia. After reversing her PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Leaky Gut (IBS) with food and holistic remedies, she learned the truth first hand: Food Heals! She's living proof.

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Kate Kordsmeier – Healing Your Body With Real Food

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Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week we welcome to the show Kate Kordsmeier. Kate is an Atlanta-based freelance food and travel writer and recipe developer for more than 100 publications, including USA Today, Conde Nast Traveler and many more. Kateis also the former Atlanta Editor for Read More…

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