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This podcast features Keegan Smith who is the Founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who’s worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters in the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) along with 5 other professional teams. He spent 6 years sleeping on floors living in third world communities looking for solutions of how to make a difference. He spent thousands of hours training elite performers in the gym and researching how to make them better. Keegan overcame chronic fatigue and implemented a 4 year transformation to go from depressed, poor, unfit and uncertain to an inspired life. In the gym Keegan has developed back somersaults, 4-ball juggling, new languages, front levers and a 100kg snatch. Through doing the seemingly impossible he’s become a husband, father and entrepreneur and is now re-shaping the way the wold looks at itself.

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Keegan Smith: Desk bound All Day? Why a Standing Desk Might Not Be the Answer. Try This Instead…

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The above video is 3:49 minutes long. Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Guy: Make no mistake, most of us have mastered the art of sitting! With today’s working lifestyle it’s very hard to get away from. So the big question is, are standing desks really the answer? So Read More…

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