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This article is brought to you by Stuart Cooke. Stuart is the co-Founder and Director of 180 Nutrition. 180 Nutrition are aligned with a number of health professionals such as leading Nutritionists and Naturopaths and regularly connect with the world’s best experts in health and wellness via their iTunes podcast, ‘The Health Sessions’.

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Does food influence our thoughts?

Positive Psychology

Everything you have ever experienced, felt, or conducted in life is due to brain function…. It is impossible for a person to become healthy mentally or physiologically without a healthy brain. – Datis Kharrazin DHSc, DC, MS, MNeuroSci After interviewing some of the brightest brains on the planet on our podcast The Health Sessions we thought Read More…

10 Quick & Easy Lockdown Recipes


Stu: Many of us are now working from home and have the luxury of a kitchen at our disposal. This means we can pull out the blender, raid the pantry or use the oven throughout the day instead of having to reply on high street convenience food options. With this in mind, here are our Read More…

Discover How Archie Transformed His Body In 3 Months


Stu – Meet Archie Basil. A middle-aged father of three who runs his own business. Archie shared his story after a health scare that gave him the motivation to make some radical changes in the way he lived his life. The image above of Archie on the left was taken at 90 Kilos, just three Read More…

Our Resourceful Guide To Staying Safe & Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Stu: So here we are, watching the news and following our favourite internet feeds as the Coronavirus pandemic unfolds. In light of this we wanted to update you with what we’re doing to stay healthy and also how this situation could impact our customers. As a side note, if you’ve been a fan of 180 Read More…

2 Things That Radically Improved My Gut Health


Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 5 years you would have heard the term ‘gut health’ being discussed by everyone from medical professions and wellness advocates to celebrity chefs and social media influencers. It seems that our gut – or at least the bacteria in our gut – directly influence a Read More…

The Break-a-Fast Smoothie


Stu: If you’re into fasting, whether it be a 16-8, full day or longer fast, smoothies are a quick but gentle way of breaking the fast when you are ready to eat again. They offer a nutritious meal without taxing your digestive system as the ingredients are ground-down in the blender. You can also add Read More…

If You Use A Computer, Do This Right Now


Stu: Lots of us (myself included) spend the majority of our day in front of a computer screen which can cause muscular tension and pain. Now thrown in ‘tech neck’ (repetitively staring down at our smartphones) and we eventually end up with postural decline – less than ideal. I spoke with Dr. Krista Burns this Read More…

The ONLY Smoothie I Make For Breakfast


Stu: People often ask me what I throw into my morning smoothie and why I choose the ingredients I do. My answer is simple, breakfast needs to be quick, hassle-free and more importantly has to meet these 3 objectives: Keep me full from 7am until lunchtime Nourish my gut while being easy on the digestive Read More…

Do This For 1-Minute To Keep Your Brain Healthy & Young


I recently interviewed Dr Stan Rodski for our podcast ‘The Health Sessions‘, he had just written a book called the Neuroscience of Mindfulness and I was intrigued to understand how neuroscience can help address workplace burnout. It seems that most of us are burning the candles at both ends and when asked how we are, we’re Read More…

Is Peanut Butter Healthy?


Is Peanut Butter Healthy? Few things bring back memories of childhood better than a delicious peanut butter sandwich. This staple of lunch bags across the nation is easy, cheap, and full of protein. The best part is that it’s delicious! We’re told that peanut butter is a healthy source of protein and that it’s good Read More…

Chocolate Collagen Breakfast Smoothie


Stu: This is my morning breakfast smoothie, it’s packed with protein, fat, antioxidants and beneficial spices. It takes me 2 minutes to make, keeps me full until lunch and has the added benefit of collagen which helps supports healthy bones, joints and skin. No breakfast cereal, toast or pastry comes close to the goodness that this offers Read More…

2-Minute Chocolate Lunch Bowl


Stu: My wife has this lunch ‘almost’ every day, she’s always on the go as she’s a home-care nurse. She literally drops by the house and has 15 minutes to refuel before her next house call. This 2-minute lunch bowl keep her feeling full (so she says) until dinner so I thought I should share it Read More…

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