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From Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2016

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Introducing the 5 Pillars to Amazing Health.
In this this short video you'll learn how following the industry guidelines for nutrition can actually be harmful to your health. Find out the truth, learn how to eat for amazing health and discover why:
  • Counting calories does not work
  • Following a low fat diet is making you fat
  • Exercise for weight loss is not the answer
  • Many health foods are actually unhealthy

Helping You Get Fitter
& Healthier Every Day

Personal trainer Guy Lawrence (on the right) was working with cancer patients using a combination of nutrition & exercise to help them recover their health. But when taking a closer look at the labels of many of the products he was appalled at what he found.

Despairing of the fake foods and real resources out there, he teamed up with friend Stuart Cooke and 180 Nutrition was born. Producing deeply nutritious superfood blends, fun and meaningful resources via social media, and being able to access true health leaders, 180 Nutrition has helped tens of thousands of people get fitter and healthier every day.

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