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Are you struggling to maintain a CrossFit diet plan & lifestyle? Whether you follow a paleo/zone diet or just eat cleanly with a simple diet plan, you will understand that if you care about your health and performance, outstanding nutrition is paramount, and we agree with the nutrition crossfit promote.

You’ll be very pleased to know 180 Natural Protein Superfood compliments a CrossFit ndiet plan and lifestyle. It is completely natural with all it’s ingredients derived from natural sources making it the perfect CrossFit supplement.

Crossfit Wired owner – Mandy Kinzett

At the beginning of this year I began following the Paleo Diet.  For years prior to this I had been having a protein shake blended with some fruit & Greek yoghurt for breakfast, mostly for convenience, but it also goes down a treat in our hot Queensland summers after a workout!!  I thought that I’d never be able to find a protein powder that fitted into my new healthy eating habits, but that’s when I came across 180 Nutrition.  I have been so impressed with their product and the fact that it is completely natural with no preservatives, unnatural flavourings & sugars.  Not only do I have 180 Nutrition for breakfast, but I also use 180 Nutrition to make Bliss Balls & protein bars!

I would only ever recommend either a product that I thought was first class, or a company that was easy to deal with and really dedicated to the quality of their product, and 180 Nutrition are all that & more.  180 Nutrition is the only protein powder I stock and recommend to my clients and friends.  It was wonderful to finally meet Guy and Stu at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Australasian Regionals, and see their passion and enthusiasm for getting good products out to everyone in person! Mandy – CrossFit Wired Gold Coast

Imagine a GLUTEN FREE protein powder that contains ONLY PURE INGREDIENTS, completely free of all fillers, thickeners, sugars & preservatives (this a must for anyone who takes pride what they put in their body).  A protein powder that contains essential micro nutrients, antioxidants and fibre to assist metabolic rates and keep your digestive system functioning at optimum levels, a supplement that is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU!

CrossFit Alive owner – Dale Finlayson

It’s so good to be able to recommend a protein powder for post work out or as a meal replacement to our members/athletes. Normally we have had to make a compromise or choose the best of an ordinary to bad bunch but not with your product. As coaches Adam and I are very confident in recommending your truly all natural product which fits into a Paleo nutrition lifestyle. Love your work guys, the chocolate is like Milo (our athlete Josh says so) but better! (even mixed on water) Keep up the good work – Dale.CrossFit Alive Oxenford

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