CrossFit open: Insider tips from some of the best in Australia/NZ

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It’s here, the Reebok CrossFit Open!!!

As the internet goes into melt down with the announcement of 13.1 we’ve got the hottest tips from our sponsored athletes Chad Mackay, Ruth Anderson-Horrel and James Newbury to keep your cool throughout the Open season.

Chad Mackay

Chad Mackay

2012 Australian CrossFit champion & 9th fittest man on earth.

“Have a game plan and stick with it!”

When preparing for the Open, Regionals Games or any workout, I always have a game plan in mind. I always look to understand how to best attack a workout. Ask yourself: how long will a round to take? How many reps will you do before you rest? How many breaths will you take before you get back to work? Work hard on your strengths and relax and stay focussed if a weak movement arises.”

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Ruth Anderson Horrell

Ruth Anderson-Horrel

Runner up 2012 Australian CrossFit Games. 2 x World CrossFit Games athlete.

“Don’t let the Open disrupt your normal training routine!”

If you’re competing for regionals, do the workout once and move on with your other training for the week. Consider taking your rest day the day before. I will be doing it as my first workout of the day, and most of the time I would have probably rested for the day before it. It will depend on what the WOD is, and what I’ve already done that week, as to whether I throw it in before or after my programmed rest day. Spend some time practicing the skills of the WOD for the days before you do it so you can move as efficiently as possible.”

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james newbury

James Newbury

Top 10 finish in his first ever 2012 Australian CrossFit Regional Games.

“Nutrition and recovery are keys to success!”

I am a big believer in supplying your body with best nutrients possible. If you want you body to run with the most efficiency and prolong its longevity, then you must supply your body with good fuel. I’m extremely into super-foods and utilising their many advantages with recovery. Foods that contain high antioxidant level, high mineral and trace minerals and foods loaded with Vitamins. Sourcing good quality macronutrients is critical as well. When we train we are breathing loads more oxygen, thus creating more free radicals in the body. The only way to combat these free radicals is antioxidants. Supplying your body with more antioxidants will decrease the amount of free radicals and will help keep your cells full and strong.

Buying fresh organic produce is where I would start then work your way into looking for the more exotic super foods like kale, mesquite, maca, cacao, maqui, mangosteen, goji berries and many more. Things like lemon in the morning on an empty stomach and 1/2 tsp of Baking soda before bed helps buffer lactic acid build up and helps you go harder for longer to get more out of each session.”

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What would your #1 tip be for the CrossFit Open? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

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