Mystery CrossFit man presents: His post workout protein smoothie

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By Guy Lawrence

Guy: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve filmed myself for this blog and cut my head off whilst shooting! So we thought we’d have some fun and keep this mighty fine CrossFit athlete a mystery, as he shares with us his post workout protein smoothie.

Can you guess who it is?

If you really must know who’s making this protein smoothie, you can follow him here.

Post workout 180 protein smoothie transcript

All right. What we’re gonna do, we’ve just had a crossfit workout, so I’m gonna do a post-workout protein smoothie.

Our basis today is going to be 180. It’s the Vegan Pea Protein Isolate 180 coconut supplement.

It’s good to have right after a workout because it’s got a good protein-fat-carbohydrate ratio.

It’s got heaps of vitamins and minerals. So I like to have it as a bit of basis.

So, for our water, we’ve got Vita Coco. So, we’re gonna load up the Bullet with a whole one of these.

Really, really good to restore electrolytes. I highly recommend the coconut water.

And then we’re gonna chuck in one banana. Restore the glycogen levels.

We’ve also got goji berries. So, with our goji, we’re gonna put in a small handful of goji berries. Amazing for everything. They detoxify the liver. They help the eyesight. They’re a great source of anti-oxidants.

They’ve got a 25,000 ORAC rating for helping, sort of, curb free radicals in the body, so they have a lot of anti-oxidants to help with that.

Put in some berries. Some other berries. We’re going to chuck in some frozen berries. We’ve got mixed strawberries, blackberries, blueberries. Add a couple of them.

Now we’re going to chuck in some Greek yogurt. I usually get the biodynamic Paris Creek organic Greek yogurt. But I don’t have any at the moment so I’m just gonna put in some natural Greek yogurt.


And really good for digestive flora. Helps with keeping good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Now, we’re gonna put in two teaspoons of maca. Or maca powder.

And that’s a root extract. You get that in the Andes. But they get a powdered form. You can get a raw, organic maca powder really, really good. Helps boost libido, helps with endurance, recovery. It’s amazing.

Now we’re going to also chuck in some raw cacao, another really high anti-oxidant food. The highest in the world.

It has an ORAC rating of, I think it’s about 93,000. Goji berry is extremely high and it has 25,000. So, you can tell how high cacao is.

Now, I’m going to chuck in one scoop of natural protein supplement and also just a little squirt of coconut oil.

All right. And we are good to go.


All right. While that’s going, I’m gonna get a handful of cashews, pop them in the processor.

Chuck the cashews in the processor. Give them a quick blend.

And then you can top your smoothie with some cashews.

And there you go.



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Dave says:

Can I ask why you use vegan pea protein
but then use yoghurt?

Brendon says:

James Newbury, good bloke!

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