Ruth Anderson Horrell: Food Diary of a CrossFit Athlete

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ruth anderson horrell food diaty

By 180 Nutrition

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, there are great clues here to what one should and shouldn’t be eating to feel awesome and be at your best fighting weight!

We asked 180 Ambassador and Crossfit athlete Ruth Anderson Horrell what a typical day of eating looks like and to take some pics (there are a few questions in there that I was curious about too). You won’t find any wheat, gluten, processed sugar or packaged food here. But do note how much good fats she eats! Over to Ruth…

Do you count calories or portion control?

I don’t count calories but I do portion control. I’m very diligent with getting my protein requirements and essential fatty acids with each meal. Most of my carbs I tend to have after my workouts and with evening meals.

Do you eat any grains, wheat or gluten?

Only with a cheat meal which is once a week. Otherwise I don’t touch them or feel like them.

Do you take any other supplements?

I take amino acids & 2g of fish oil with breakfast & post workout. 180 protein supplement doesn’t count as it’s more like a whole food high in protein 🙂

How many times a day/week do you train?

It’s usually 3 days on and then one day off. Each day consists of roughly 3hr 30min of training which can be split into two separate sessions… Just depends on my regime at the time.


rurth anderson horrell breakfast crossfitI have a black coffee with coconut oil added every day first thing! Tastes great helps me get those essential fatty acids.

Then I have 3 eggs cooked in 1 tsp of olive or macadamia oil. Add 2 tbs coconut oil and 1/2 scoop of 180 protein powder on top and with a lil’ water. Weird but this is what I have. Again more essential fats, protein & whole food.

Mid-Morning Snack

An avocado and a handful of sunflower seeds. (More essential fatty-acids)


ruth andreson horrell lunch crossfitThis is when I’m low on groceries: This is my quick salad when I’m running out of fresh ingredients. I always keep some canned fish in my cupboard for emergencies (ie. didn’t get my groceries done and have no fresh meat). When I do have fresh meat, the protein (meat) will be generally chicken (7oz) or fish. My protein meat portions are usually 7oz everyday.

1 can drained tuna, celery coleslaw & some mayo, 2 x tsp of olive oil and a bunch of veggies, (this pic was celery from the garden). The veggies will vary from broccoli to other leafy salads and cabbage.

Post WOD (after exercise)

ruth andreson horrell smoothie crossfitFavorite post-wod nutrition. Simply squeezed banana berry smoothie or spirulina banana smoothie (250mls & carbs) plus 200mls water then add in 2 x 50g scoops of 180 protein powder.  I mix this post WOD add another glass of water and have my fish oil at the same time. This is a delicious treat for getting through 2.5 hours of training. I have one of these a day after my crossfit training (2.5 hours or so, so yes Im allowing myself some sugar, and Im ok with this), after lifting for an hour at night I just have my chicken and sweet potato (carbs).


ruth andreson horrell dinner crossfit7 ounces of chicken cooked with moroccan spice, 1 cup kumara on a bed of broccoli or cabbage. It is my standard dinner, and I make slight variations by changing spices and the types of green veggies, but I find chicken and sweet potato seems to make me feel best, and train the hardest.

How does your diet compare to Ruth’s? Do you have any questions for Ruth or us? Would love to hear them in the comments section below…

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4 Replies to “Ruth Anderson Horrell: Food Diary of a CrossFit Athlete”
Min says:

thank you Wes Brinckley couldn’t have said it better myself! I’m a little worried that Nicole is talking food and nutrition from something learnt out of a text book. There are so many real life factors that you’re not thinking about including one of the biggest misdiagnosed diseases today which is leaky gut syndrome caused by consistent inflammation of the gut lining, how is the gut being inflamed you asked Nicole? Grains, gluten, dairy and all those lovely things that came along with the agricultural revolution. Not only will eating these foods screw up your gut it will play havoc with your hormonal system which is the main driver of our bodies functions. All of this I can speak from personal experience and as a crossfitter I’ve tried and tested eating all different ways and pretty much eating like Ruth does, is what keeps me healthy. As far as soluble and insoluble fiber goes most fruit, vegetables and nuts have both so I’m not sure what your argument is there???So Nicole don’t take what you read in a text book as gospel and rather start talking to people about their experiences with food and how it affects them, also try things out yourself this is the best way to learn and pass the knowledge on.

C says:

This has turned a wee bit nasty…
Obviously everyone has different dietary habits.. Which suits them and their training requirements. But the problem in the CrossFit community, is everyone thinks their way is the right way and the only way, especially those who eat Paleo.

This video is quite interesting, I recommend you all watch it

I’m not a nutritionist or a dietitian nor will I pretend to be, but I’m willing to look at things from both sides without harsh comments. A friendly debate, sure! But this, is not a friendly debate.

I just eat good food.. And it works. Look at Rich Froning, the fittest man on earth for 3 years in a row, I’ve watched interviews and videos and the man just eats what he wants and needs, when he wants. So really.. Do whatever works for you.

Kat says:

Really appreciate the article. It is always nice too see that Ruth’s Nutrition and lifestyle choices are close to mine. I actually don’t eat any form of potatoes or bananas at this point and gain all my nutrience from greens as I am still of my fat loss journey. My balance is perfect for me at this point. I love how she gets her essential fats in too:):)
Before anyone jumps on and makes further negative comments, everyone has a choice on their lifestyle and nutritional components. I know haters are gunna hate. I happen to love it however if you don’t maybe pratise using your inside voice!
Thanks guys and a massive thanks to Ruth for sharing xx

Mel says:

It’s great to see such a comprehensive diary from an athlete. I think it’s great to see that a Paleo/Primal philosophy can guide your training and lifestyle. My only question is: I exercise first thing in the morning (5.30am) – how do I eat around my exercise to ensure I have adequate fuel for my training (high intensity cardio or weights). I have tried eating breakfast beforehand but I feel sick because I’m too full. What can I eat before my workout and how do I then modify my meals for the rest of the day?

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