Can Your Diet Influence Your Financial Future?

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180 Nutrition: Among Australian adults, one study found that “61.8% of women and 66.8% of men surveyed worry moderately to frequently about [future] work,” among many other life factors. To ensure success in one’s finances and health, many people turn to education, self-help books, financial planners, and other expert sources. However, did you know that your diet is also an essential piece when working toward a happy and healthy future?

For better or worse, the nutrients you consume (or lack thereof) influence your mental health, your emotional wellbeing, and your physical health. Proper nutrition is foundational, then, to reducing your stress levels, improving your finances, and changing other outcomes in your life. Explore some of the top ways that your diet has the ability to affect your future.

Missing less work = improved finances

Planning for your financial future requires discipline, hard work, and specific goals that you’d like to one day achieve. Healthy living is crucial to your financial success in that it reduces the chance you’ll miss days at work. As stated in a government report, diets that are insufficient in essential nutrients can lead to both acute and chronic illness. In fact, according to reports from 2018, 50% of Australians are said to have one of the top eight chronic health conditions. Therefore, consuming a diet high in key nutrients can help reduce your risk of missing work, losing income, and of having extra health-related expenses.

Stressing less on a day-to-day basis

Nearly every day that you live involves some degree of stress. Whether you are used to dealing with challenging co-workers, never-ending work at home, a difficult partner, or a busy schedule, it is almost certain that you experience at least some stress during your week. Thankfully, your diet can actually impact the way in which you deal with the stressors that you encounter. Regularly consuming the right nutrients can help you be more resilient to stress, anxiety, and negative feelings in almost any situation. Magnesium, vitamin B, and Ashwagandha are some of the top nutrients that you should add to your diet for maximum stress-busting results.

Stress less about the health of your future children

If you are a woman who is planning on becoming pregnant at some point, your diet has the power to influence the health of your future children. Taking vitamins and minerals such as folate, iron, and vitamin D is essential during pregnancy. The nutrients you consume directly affect cognitive development, the likelihood of birth defects, bone development, and much more. Taking a prenatal multivitamin before and during pregnancy can help ensure that your body (and future baby) are getting all the necessary nutrition.

Although many people do not think about it with any regularity, what you eat today has the ability to influence your future in more than one way. From your finances, to your stress level, to the health of your children, eating healthy is an excellent step to take to create a better tomorrow.

This article was written by Jane Munro a health enthusiast and freelance writer.

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