Why You Should Consider a Detox

Content by: Tania Flack

when to detox

Tania: While there is no question that a detox is one of the most beneficial things you can do to rapidly improve the state of your health, there is lots of confusion as to what is the best way to detoxify your system.

Detoxification is a complex process that should be professionally supervised to ensure you get the best results.

Many people think that a detox is a miserable process that involves extreme changes in diet and living off raw vegetables for weeks on end. This is not true! In fact, lack of food during a detox, particularly protein, can slow the detoxification process and can add to your toxic load. Some people don’t realise that your body needs certain nutrients to safely and effectively detoxify. If we liberate stored toxins back into our system without ensuring that the final step in elimination is complete we run the risk of making matters worse.  Find out the safest and most effective way to detox…

How to Detoxify

There are lots of ways to detoxify your body. By far the safest and most thorough way to detoxify is to have a “clean” diet over a period of weeks. Depending on your health, detoxification can be completed in a matter of weeks for some people. Patients with long standing health conditions generally take a little more time to thoroughly remove toxins from their system. We always recommend lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and sources of lean protein such as chicken and fish. Also recommended is lots of purified water (preferably not tap water) to help flush out toxins and hydrate the body. Foods to avoid during a detox include; wheat, dairy, sugar in all its forms, fried foods and all processed foods as well as avoiding things like alcohol and caffeine. Nutritional and herbal medicine really support the detoxification process, but to do this properly you should see your naturopath for some professional advice.

Clearing bad bacteria from the gut and ensuring your digestive process is functioning well is essential to ensure that once you start working with the liver all those toxins have a safe route of elimination. Lots of people don’t realise that if the gut isn’t in functioning at its best before you start working with the liver you may end up reabsorbing some of the toxins released in the detoxification process. This only slows down the process. So getting some professional advice on detoxification helps to ensure that the process is safe effective and gets great results.

Get a Clear Picture Before You Start

To help monitor your progress we take a clinical approach to detoxification by assessing your level of toxicity using the Urinary Indicans test in clinic. This test is used to identify toxicity, including the overgrowth of gut bacteria and “leaky gut syndrome”, which allows the transport of undigested food molecules, bacteria and toxins to cross the gut membranes and pass into your circulation adding to your toxic load. The Urinary Indicans test is then used throughout detoxification to monitor your progress and ensure that you get the results you need.

Live Blood Analysis is another tool we use to assess your level of toxicity and monitor your progress. It helps us to screen for signs of inflammation and toxicity before a detox, this way we know what we’re dealing with and are able to repeat the process at the end of your detox to make sure you have got the results you need. Signs of inflammation and toxicity in the blood look like this:

What happens during a Detox?

Detoxification works on a number of different levels to systematically address toxic load, we ensure that toxins are safely removed from your system by:

  • Reducing toxin exposure through dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Removing bad bacteria and waste from the digestive system
  • Renewing and rebuilding the digestive tract lining
  • Replacing the bad bacteria with healthy ones and improving digestive function
  • Helping the body release more toxins, particularly addressing the gut, liver and kidneys

Benefits of Detoxification:

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves digestive function
  • Clear and radiant skin
  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Weight management
  • Strengthens immune function

Did you know?

Stress is a major cause of toxicity – Not only is an overloaded system stressful, contributing to fatigue and mood swings, stress  actually contributes to toxicity by generating excess hormones and chemicals that need to be cleared by the body, which is why even if we have a great diet we can all benefit from detoxification periodically.

Toxins are often stored in body fat – This is the body’s way of safely storing toxins that it can’t process. An overloaded system is more likely to retain body fat – another good reason to do a detox!

Winter is the perfect time to detox! – This is the time of year we tend to stay indoors, eat comfort food and let our usual healthy habits go. Even if we think we have a reasonable diet, external and internal toxins can accumulate causing sluggish hormones, weight gain, low energy levels, dull skin, poor digestive and immune function, which are all symptoms of a toxic system.

Detoxifying your body can be one of most effective strategies for rapidly improving the state of your health. Doing a Detox allows the body to cleanse and regenerate, helping you to function at your best.

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Tania Flack

Tania Flack is a leading Naturopath who has a special interest in endocrine, reproductive, digestive and metabolic health. She specialises in gut microbiome and DNA testing and designs innovative health care programs to help people achieve optimal health. She believes in an integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of... Read More

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Wonderful, I’m on board the detox train! Are there any particular products you would recommend to replace good bacteria for the gut? Cheers.

Guy Lawrence says:

Hey mate… Apologies for the late reply, it slipped through 😉 Just type in the word Rejuvelac into google, you’ll find this a cost effective way for building up good bacteria.

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