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Christine 180 Nutrition: I live in a country where the gap between the rich and poor is so humongous. At the heart of Manila, you’ll see prestigious buildings, beautiful street lights, and lavish cars parked alongside the road and then all of a sudden, just 5 minutes drive away, along the busy streets of Manila, you’ll be so surprised to see a very different view… where people don’t have clothes on, garbage everywhere, filthy rats and insects crawling all over not to mention witnessing starving kids looking so thin and frail your heart melts. When it comes to nutrition, the mindset is that healthy living is only for the rich and being healthy is only a luxury that the rich deserve.

That’s why I was so moved when I met a great soul in the name of Sabrina Artadi, who is transforming lives one plate at a time. She partnered with the missionary brothers who feed 120++ street kids every day at the San Andres, Manila mission house. Sabrina personally feeds then every Sunday and cooks them nutritious dishes like arroscaldo, chicken porridge, high protein lumpia and smoothies. She believes that with inexpensive ingredients, planting your own veggies, and a little creativity, you can serve delicious nutritious food for your family without breaking the bank.
IMG_1193Aside from cooking for the less fortunate, she also educates parents, making them realise that they can cook nutritious dishes for their family using the local ingredients available in the market that wouldn’t break the bank. They can also start planting their own garden of healthy greens like kamote tops, sayote and malunggay which are very easy to maintain and grow in the Philippines. This way, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than sticking with their old ways of offering instant processed foods which are far more expensive in the long run, considering the very expensive hospital bills they incur when they get sick due to improper eating habits.
You can connect with Sabrina Artadi of Sabrina’s Kitchen here.
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