How to Calculate Your BMI and What it Means

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BMI Calculator

What Is Body Mass Index or BMI?

You may heard of the term BMI which means body mass index. It’s an industry used term used to estimate body fat based on height and weight using an equation to make an approximation. In short the BMI score can help determine whether a person is sitting at an unhealthy or healthy weight. It can be handy to know where you sit on this range as according to the National Institutes of Health, more than two in three adults are considered overweight.

If your body mass index score is high it can be a sign of too much body fat, while a lower BMI can be a sign of too little body fat. It is assumed that the higher a person’s BMI score, the greater their chances of developing health issues down the line, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. On the other hand a very low BMI can also cause health problems, including anemia, decreased immune function and more.

While BMI can be useful it may overestimate the amount of body fat in people with very muscular bodies or athletes. It may also underestimate the amount of body fat in older adults and other people who have lost muscle mass.

Calculate Your BMI Using the Body Mass Index Tool Below

What Was Your BMI Score?

If your BMI score was higher than expected you can get to a healthier weight by exercising at least three times per week. It is also recommended to follow a diet that’s rich in whole, unprocessed foods. If you want to incorporate more healthy meals into your day you can find lots of real food recipes here. On the flip-side if you have a low BMI it would be useful to discuss this with your health professional who can help you learn how to gain weight in a healthy way.

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