How To Ditch Your Excuses For Not Eating Well Once And For All!

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By Sofia Potente

Do you start the week with good intentions? But then it all goes downhill when life happens and things get busy? You’re not alone. We mean to eat well, but sometimes life gets in the way. Here are some tips to deal with your top 3 excuses once and for all and to put YOU first.

1. I’ve Got No Time

Eating healthy foods can be one of the first things to slip down on the priority list when life gets busy. I get it. But eating well doesn’t need to be time consuming. Have easy snacks you can grab on the run such as carrots and cucumbers, an avocado, a piece of fruit, bliss balls, some nuts or pre-boiled hard boiled eggs in the fridge. Fancy? No. Quick and easy? Yes.

I also set aside an hour or two on the weekends to prep food and chop veggies for the dinners for the week ahead. I store them in glass containers in the fridge so they keep well. Can’t recommend this habit enough – the rest of the week runs so much more smoothly and we are less likely to resort to takeaway. Some great music or a podcast and the prep time becomes ‘me time’!

Lastly, look at how you currently spend your time. Could you wake 10 minutes earlier to prepare your lunch? Could you cut back on social media to make time for looking after yourself? Are there any non-essentials you are spending your time on that you could use towards making YOU are a priority?

2. It Costs More

Yes, quality food does sometimes cost more – we get what we pay for. Luckily there are ways to save here and there. Buy in bulk. Join co-ops. Buy from farmers markets. Smaller amounts of quality meat and more vegetables. Reconsider unnecessary foods like soft drinks, juices and packaged snacks that can add up at the checkout. Focus on quality over quantity. I found when I started eating more nutritious, quality foods my body stopped craving constantly, my appetite stabilised and I naturally ate less.

Again, look at where your budget might be going that you could re-prioritise towards your family’s health. Magazines? Lattes? Online shopping luxuries? We all have our indulgences and I’m all for it. But when we make our health a priority, everything flows well from that. Our energy. Our mental wellbeing. Our relationships. Our productivity. Our ability to achieve our goals. And THAT, in my opinion, is worth paying for!

3. I’m Too Tired

It’s a catch 22, right? We’re too tired to prepare a decent meal so we resort to take-away. The lack of nutrients makes us tired and so the cycle goes. I have no easy answers to this one I’m afraid. Except to remind you – eating well will give you more energy! Start from where you are, one meal at a time. I started with switching my breakfasts around. You might choose another meal of the day. Look at your other energy sappers such as stress, over-scheduling your day or getting to bed too late. You might also want to consider ruling out underlying health issues that might be contributing to lack of energy by seeing a health practitioner or naturopath.

sofia_khayechSofia Potente is a blogger, author, researcher and a wholefood mum on a mission. A mission to inspire and empower people to make more conscious choices about what they put into their bodies. Her wholefoods journey started with her son where his severe digestive issues led her on a path to heal and recover his gut health. Sofia shares simple tips and inspiration to switch to healthier and more natural choices over at The Natural Switch.

With postgraduate qualifications in Public Health, Sofia has worked for 12 years in public health promotion, research and community education. You’ll find Sofia over here.

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