How to stay fit, eat healthy & be street smart whilst on the road

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By Guy Lawrence

Guy: There’s definitely an art to healthy eating whilst on the road. As 180 Nutrition continues to grow, Stu & I find ourselves on the road and  interstate more often than not. As enjoyable as this may be, eating healthy & keeping fit can be a pain and requires a few tactics and being a little street-smart!

Who better to ask than 180 Nutrition Ambassador singer/songwriter Barry Southgate.  He’s opened for Brian McKnight and Craig David, performed in the box office hit The Sapphires, travels the world constantly and I’m always seeing his Facebook updates featuring pics of him with celebrities in another foreign country! To top it off he’s cut like a diamond, super fit and one the best advocates of health (and nicest blokes) I know!

So Barry has taken some pics of the food he eats along with some of the tips he uses to stay in shape whilst on the road. Over to Barry…

Stay Fit

barry southgateBarry: I typically tackle a combination of P90X, CrossFit and cardio, with some H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training). For cardio, I can’t get enough of hill sprints. I love them because they’re intense, explosive and they incinerate fat. As a contrast, I do also enjoy walking for an hour at a time. It’s a great way to burn calories without losing muscle. Not to mention, it clears my head and frees me from distraction.

While on the road – which is quite a bit – I’ll either hit the hotel gym, or just train in my room doing P90X and body-weight exercises like push-ups, dips, planks and squats. It’s all about intensity. Being a huge foodie though, the toughest part of traveling is eating clean. I get offstage so tired, half the time I just want to reach for anything edible and smash it!

Eating Healthy

I find what works best for me is to go with a paleo diet as much as possible, keeping away from preservative-packed “roadie snacks” and soft drinks. I’ll often have some paleo WOD protein bars with me too if I get stuck.

Here are a few pics of healthy options from my travels, starting from the left going clockwise:

  • Fresh salmon & veggies
  • Flank steak with lentils and poached egg
  • Half a dozen oysters
  • Seafood paella

eating healthy


There tends to be quite a few dinners out, so here are a few rules I go by:

1. Hold the bread

I usually ask the waiter to hold off on the obligatory while-you-wait bread basket. If I’m with a large group of people, which is most of the time, it just comes down to a bit of self-control.

2. Get to know H20

I find drinking water – not just during your meal, but while you wait – really helps to fill you up. This helps to prevent me from overeating and indulging in foods that I just don’t need. It works, try it.

3. Go green

Instead of getting fries with my steak, for example, I’ll order a healthy-sized portion of grilled veggies instead. Salad is good too. I stay away from salad dressing though, they’re deceivingly stashed with sugar.

4. Street-smart & plan ahead

In foreign countries, I typically make allowances to try the local delicacies. I just plan ahead, and smash out an extra workout on those days, just so there’s still a good calorie deficit happening. Lets face it: none of us actually need dessert, we just want it! And that’s fine, as long as you’re aware of what you’re eating and plan ahead to compensate. I know the last thing I want to do is ruin a great day of training by overdosing on the sweet stuff.

Guy: Do you have any travel tips to share whilst on the road? Would love to hear your thoughts… Guy

You can follow Barry Southgate on his Facebook page here.


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7 Replies to “How to stay fit, eat healthy & be street smart whilst on the road”
Miss Terri says:

Thanks for these great tips, Barry. I wish I was as disciplined and organized when it comes to eating and planning as you are. I’m going to implement numbers 1 and 3 above. Thanks again for sharing what works for you.

Barry Southgate says:

No problem, it’s my pleasure.

Hey Barry, Ive been touring on and off with with musicals and concerts since 07′ and have managed to work out ways to eat clean and train hard whilst on the road.
Training: Google is my friend. My first thing before getting to any city is working where my accom is in relation to a gym. I often email the gym to give them the heads up and work out a cheap deal for a week or 2 or 3.
Eating clean: like you i tend to stick to places the provide healthy alternatives like greens instead of fries. Pub steaks are a good option. I also look for burrito bars that do salads as they often have things like brown rice, chicken and lettuce or sometimes japanese place for sushimi with a some seaweed salad. What i have learned to do is order some QUEST bars online and send them to the theatre or concert hall stage door for my arrival and i also swear by using IF (intermittent fasting) as it means i can eat 3 times a day rather having to prep 6-8 meals a day. I often just buy some pre-cooked chicken or canned tuna from the supermarket and mix with some spinach avocado nuts etc.

Barry Southgate says:

Some good tips you’ve got there yourself, Josh. Japanese food like sashimi and seaweed is up there for me too, love the stuff because it’s just clean – and good! I haven’t tried IF personally, but have been hearing about it a lot lately. May have to look into it more.

K says:

Barry you are inspiring!

Barry Southgate says:

That’s kind, thank you!

AnnJhoy says:

This post reminds me that i must continue what I’ve started. Having lots of H2O and your #4 tip. I love going to places and this really works! Being Hydrated is important ^_^

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