Quarantine Munchies: 3 Simple & Healthy Snacks

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Stu: If you’re working from home and the hunger pangs strike it’s a good idea to have healthy snacks ready and waiting. It’s all too easy to reach for the biscuit tin or grab the bag of chips only to realise that you’ve polished off the lot 10 minutes later. The key to truly healthy snacks is finding the balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre that will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

These are 3 of our top go-to recipes which are nourishing, quick and delicious…

High Protein Chocolate Mousse1. Super-Quick High Protein Chocolate Mousse

Want a quick snack that’s healthy, filling and tasty? This is one of our favourites as it literally takes a minute to prepare (and a little patience while it sets in the fridge or freezer briefly). It’s super-simple and really delicious with the added benefit of being high in protein, healthy fats and plant-based fibre, result!

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4 Ingredient Healthy Protein Snack Balls2. Four Ingredient Healthy Protein Snack Balls

Another simple yet filling snack that will see you through your day. We purposely only used 4 ingredients to show how easy it is to make them. They are an ideal snack in between meals and help curb the 3pm sugar cravings. We use rice malt as it is fructose free (very important).

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Zucchini dips3. Super-Simple 180 Protein Zucchini Dip

The 180 inspired high protein zucchini dip is a super-simple healthy snack you can whip up in minutes. Perfect with a few slices of celery and carrot sticks which will add more plant-based filling fibre keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Ideal for those moments throughout the day when you’re feeling peckish.

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